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Lumberyard Revamps IT System with Rugged Tablet PCs

It used to be that the only tablets found at a lumberyard were for heartburn, and scanners were used solely to take care of mounds of paperwork. That's not so any more at Sanford & Hawley.

Rugged Tablet PC at LumberyardConnecticut based lumberyard Sanford & Hawley recently implemented a rugged tablet PC systems to serve as a point-of-sale device at their Unionville location. The tablet PCs allow for the customer to be in and out of the lumberyard quicker and have their items for purchase processed more accurately and efficiently.

Each customer has an identity card linked to their charge account. Upon arriving at the lumberyard, a Sanford & Hawley employee scans the card with the tablet PC’s bar code scanner to bring up the customer’s personal account. After selecting the materials needed for purchase, the employee can scan the items and create an invoice all in a matter of seconds.

According to the company, the beauty of the ID cards and bar code labels is that the Sanford & Hawley staff does not need to remember or search for product or customer codes. All is done with a couple of quick points and clicks. Meanwhile, contractors save their most valuable commodity: time.

Read more from ProSale Magazine, pages 34-36, about Sanford & Hawley’s deployment of the MobileDemand xTablet Tablet PC system.


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