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Rugged Tablet PC Used as Mobile Command Post

Whether it be a natural disaster, a large public event, or a military operation the need for a mobile command post is nearly universal within the public safety and military sectors.  Frequently a dedicated building or truck is either not available or not feasible due to limited resources.  What 21st century technology has afforded is the ability to enhance basic communications with mission-critical computing and offer true mobility in a command post via the tablet PC.  

Rugged Tablet PC for Military and Public SectorA tablet PC mobile command post can offer today's emergency response personnel with fully distributed peer-to-peer framework that allows collaboration between responders.  Such vital information as the locations and current status of critical resources, orientating multiple agencies and response scenarios on digital maps, and real time field condition information can make an incident commander much more effective.  Tracking assets such as generators, construction equipment, and even personnel can also be accomplished utilizing rugged tablet PC technology while allowing responders to do their jobs and save lives.

From a military perspective a ruggedized tablet PC can offer the added mobility and versatility of allowing field personnel the complex computing functionality previously only available at forward operations hubs.  Much like their civilian counterparts, this allows real-time secure data communication to be exchanged between personnel and commanding officers.  Additionally, medical information can be shared with field medics to enhance treatment of soldiers.  Improvements for military applications also include:

  • Real time updating of battle plans including graphic displays as well as data
  • Encrypted access to databases

Rugged Tablet PC for Public SectorWhen it comes to large scale public events there are multiple public and private agencies that require real time information and coordination from the command post.  Efficient and timely correspondence among agencies such as EMS, law enforcement, event organizers and staff and even vendors can be accomplished utilizing a tablet PC while allowing organizers the ability to stay mobile.  Running a successful and safe event becomes that much easier when utilizing the latest technology to enhance basic communications and improve overall performance.

Other benefits to mobile command post:

  • Asset tracking applying either GPS or RFID technology
  • Use in conjunction with GIS software 
  • Tethered or wireless bar code readers for tracking material
  • Availability of both a built-in numeric keypad or optional QWERTY keyboards for data entry
  • Utilize the same Windows operating systems as office computers
  • Handheld devices that can also be mounted in vehicles to allow ease of use for operators 

Versatile computing functionality of rugged tablet PCs can improve the availability and exchange of information within mobile command posts.  They allow operations personnel to make well informed decisions and enhance the effectiveness of their teams.


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