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Improve Overall Perfect Order Percentage with Rugged Tablet PC

In today's world, consumers and business partners expect businesses to meet high levels of customer service and performance. Customers demand high performance and companies who consistently deliver high quality goods and services get rewarded. A company's perfect order metrics contributes greatly to overall business quality. Today, we'll talk about the basic components of the perfect order and how to use a rugged tablet PC and other technology solutions to improve your overall perfect order percentage.

Rugged Tablet PC for Warehousing and InventoryThe Perfect Order
Perfect order metrics are a set of systems and standards to identify how well you get your product or service to the client. Does the process flow smoothly from order to delivery with the end result of your customers receiving what they expected? When they do, that is a perfect order. The better your perfect order percentage, the better your profits and return on assets. How you measure your perfect orders becomes your perfect order metric.

The Standards
The Warehouse Education and Research Council (WERC) defines the four components of a perfect order as:

  • Complete;
  • Delivered on time;
  • Delivered damage free;
  • And delivered with correct documentation and pricing/invoicing.

These should become your set of standards and the goals you set as a company to improve your perfect order rates.

Few companies can achieve a 100 percent perfect order rate. There are simply too many variables to make that a reality. You can't foresee and prevent circumstances such as extreme weather, picky or fickle customers and delivery obstacles. But, you can seek to improve your rates in each of the four components of the perfect order metric and shoot for better than 99 percent in each category, and technology can help.

Complete Orders
An incomplete order makes you look bad and makes your client upset. A key solution to improving this metric is advanced bar code scanners and mobile printers, both items can be used in conjunction with a rugged tablet PC in a warehouse. Scanning items both as they enter your warehouse and as they go into an order can help with inventory control and order tracking. Printing and applying bar codes and labels to items as they arrive from a mobile printer run with a rugged tablet PC also reduces labeling errors. These two solutions — inventory tracking and labeling — can help improve your complete orders metric.

On Time
Increasing the timeliness of deliveries starts at the shipping dock. Upgrading shipping operations to wireless rugged tablet PCs speeds up the process and allows drivers to quickly solve issues that can cause shipping delays. They can easily review their manifest and check for errors, correcting them before they leave the warehouse. Mounts inside delivery vehicles allow the driver to take the rugged tablet on the delivery route for up-to-date route information and GPS.

Rugged Tablet PC for TransportationDamage Free
A rugged tablet can't ensure items arrive damage free. But, technologies on the tablet can track where damage occurs. Photos with time stamps and proof of delivery with confirmation the items are damage free can at least help pinpoint whether damage occurred before or after delivery.

Bar code scanning in the warehouse, labeling and mobile technology in the hands of drivers will all improve your documentation and invoicing. You can further improve documentation by having drivers review invoices with customers on their mobile tablet PC, record errors and discrepancies, and capture the customer's signature. A mobile printer puts instant documentation into your customer's hand and wireless connections feed data back to the warehouse.

The 21st century has changed every aspect of business and customers have responded by demanding higher performance from companies they work with. By embracing rugged tablet technology, you can break down the barriers of old business models and improve your perfect order percentage.


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