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Tablet PCs Improve Order Accuracy and Increase Worker Productivity

Preparing orders for shipment is a complex operation. As such, the potential for order inaccuracies is great. This is especially true if your company still relies on a traditional, paper-based inventory management system for tracking and monitoring orders. In an ideal scenario, your employees are always spot-on in their handling of inventory and are always selecting products in a manner that optimizes order efficiency. The reality of the situation, however, is that outdated management systems often lead to warehouse employees (by no fault of their own) haphazardly preparing orders. And a result of this disorganization, worker productivity suffers.

Rugged Tablet PC for Warehouse OperationsUnfortunately, for businesses that refuse to modernize, the problems of order inaccuracies and stifled worker productivity will continue to grow. A primary reason for this is the recent “explosion” of stock keeping units, or SKUs. Suppliers use SKUs, which are strings of numbers or alpha/numeric characters, to keep track of the products in their inventories as well as to keep track of the products that they have sold. As companies expand their product lines (and the geographic territories that they sell these products in), SKUs will continue to grow and grow. In the face of this increasing complexity, using paper-based inventory management systems is becoming more and more impractical. 

So how do you improve order accuracy and increase worker productivity in light of this increasingly complex inventory environment? Simple: take advantage of new technology and arm your employees with a mobile means for managing inventory. By outfitting your warehouse employees with rugged tablet PCs, you can eliminate order inaccuracies that result from miscalculations, data collection errors and misinterpreted handwritten data entries, all of which are hallmarks of paper-based management systems. Tablet PCs allow for the automation of the most complex, time-consuming warehouse operations, making it easier for employees to prepare orders rapidly as well as accurately. 

Of course, arming your warehouse workforce with rugged tablets is only half of the solution: the other half is loading those tablet PCs with a wireless inventory management system software program. Whether you are managing an order for a single customer or are managing multiple orders for multiple customers, such a program will allow your employees to complete transactions via their rugged computers. Instead of employees having to trek to a back office to utilize a desktop PC, tablet PCs outfitted with wireless inventory management systems bring the full functionality of back office PC directly into the warehouse. This, of course, significantly increases worker productivity.

Rugged Tablet PC for Warehouse OperationsIn addition to providing an efficient solution for order management, other tasks that wireless inventory management systems are capable of include picking, purchasing, inventory control, integration, shipping, receiving and put-away. Using these tablet-based systems, employees can view and control -- in real-time -- the movements of inventory across the warehouse floor. This means that from the time your company receives a pallet of product to the time that pallet is loaded onto a truck for delivery, you can continuously track your inventory. And while a rugged tablet PC can serve as the mobile brain of your company’s warehouse operations, with bluetooth communication, the rugged tablet PCs can also enablet other warehouse tools (such as handheld RFID readers and handheld barcode readers). As a result of these mobile solutions, warehouse organizations can be optimized, order inaccuracies can be minimized and worker productivity can flourish.

Tablet PCs can serve not only as replacements for traditional, paper-based inventory management systems, but also as replacements for back office PCs. By going mobile, and embracing wireless inventory management systems, you can ensure that your company delivers optimal customer satisfaction with accurate orders and skyrocketing productivity.


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