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Warfighters Require Mission Critical Tablet PC Computing in Battlefield

Data access and real-time communication are essential in current military missions and to warfighters in the field. Staying connected with mobile Tablet PC systems is the cornerstone of the U.S. Department of Defense's vision of a network-centric battlefield. This means that the tablet computers need to be mobile, reliable and rugged for increased situational awareness and command-and-control capabilities in the field.

Rugged Tablet PC for the MilitaryMobile
Mobile computing systems in the battlefield have become essential to mission success. In-field warfighters require smaller size, lighter weight, and greater power (SWaP) tablet PCs that are easy to transport in a rucksack. MobileDemand delivers lightweight, field-ready tablet computers with long battery life and daylight-readable screens and easy-to-use input options for safe, one-handed operation. 

Because the warfighter needs constant access to critical communications, dependability is paramount. Today’s soldiers are ever more dependent on mission-critical computing that can work wherever they go. Like their boots, helmet and rifle, the Rugged Tablet PC is becoming an essential part of the soldier’s equipment. 

Rugged mobile computers need to do more than simply work. They must be responsive, work efficiently and effectively, and instantly deliver real-time mission-critical information. Warfighters demand not only dependability, but performance as well. Performance in the battlefield environment means rugged.

The military Tablet PC user’s needs for durable equipment tracks closely to those of workers in commercial industrial applications such as manufacturing and warehousing. Their computers need to be able to withstand drops, exposure to dust, rain, snow, and extreme temperatures. MobileDemand’s xTablets meet military rugged specifications (MIL-STD-810G) so field teams can conduct business in any environmental condition. Optional built-in GPS provides real-time status, location stampings and turn-by-turn directions. Warfighters can wear a simple RF locator for tracking and force protection. These Rugged Tablet PC systems excel in the toughest environments. They also meet the highest military standards, thereby affording unprecedented processing, networking, data storage, and information assurance capabilities for the warfighters specific mission.


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