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Benefits of Cloud Computing and Tablet PCs in Food Logistics

Many of today’s logistics professionals are embracing cloud computing as it is poised to revolutionize the enterprise. It reduces costs and infrastructure complexity and provides greater flexibility and freedom. Significant savings are derived from reduced initial deployment costs, infrastructure and support costs resulting in faster implementations, quicker application updates, and more flexible configuration models.

Rugged Tablet PC for Food LogisticsBy reducing the complex implementation components, logistics companies utilizing cloud services can see a significant reduction in costs and increase the overall return on investment of a rugged mobile computing solution. Tablet PC systems are used as a means for logistics professionals to communicate in real time with back-end business systems. Cloud computing or Software as a Service (Saas) offers an alternative to housing a large backroom infrastructure of hardware and software.

To the mobile food logistics worker, cloud-based computing means using a Rugged Tablet PC to access an application that lives “in a cloud” on the Internet rather than one installed on the computer’s hard drive. Applications can run via on-premise private clouds, off-premise public clouds or a combination of both. The processing, storage and other key activities take place in the virtual cloud instead of a physical back room infrastructure. Different servers hosted by a service provider control single components of the cloud, and communicate with one another over various interfaces.

Rugged Tablet PC for Food LogisticsCloud computing leverages economies of scale. Rather than build an infrastructure one hardware server at a time, a service provider pools resources such as networks, servers, storage, applications, and services that are leveraged to maximize efficiency and lower overall operating costs. In addition, they staff high-level IT, R&D, and customer service professionals. So cloud computing users only pay for what they need and the resources they actually use. 

The benefits of this approach are the freedom gained from not having to continually update the programs in-house, the security achieved from having information stored in a secure location rather than only temporarily saved on the rugged mobile computer, and the flexibility attained from a scalable system that can be upgraded or downgraded to expand or contract with business operations fluctuations.

Combining MobileDemand’s line of rugged xTablet PCs with cloud solutions, users can gain a competitive advantage by significantly reducing overhead costs and enabling faster deployments.


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