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Tablet PCs Ideal for Consumer Engagement

Rugged Tablet PC for Retail

It's commonplace that shoppers use their smartphones to gain research knowledge before making a purchase. Now, retailers have the potential to get back in the game by arming their sales associates with a weapon that could level the playing field. The device that can provide that kind of firepower is an enterprise-grade Rugged Tablet PC.

With features including high-powered processors, wireless broadband connectivity and large screens, rugged tablets are transforming the retail industry by changing the way stores conduct business and enhancing the shopping experience for customers.

While consumers are able to research product specifications, make product comparisons, identify store prices, locate special offers and compare competitive pricing using a consumer-grade device, sales personnel are able to check whether a product is in stock, look up answers to questions, show a demo video, display a slideshow of alternative product configurations, accept customer payment and schedule a delivery—all from their Rugged Tablet PC.

Using tablets on the sales floor, sales associates can have unprecedented power to enhance customers' shopping experiences without leaving their side. Tablet PCs used in retail provide the following benefits:

  1. On-the-spot access to everything from product specs to photos of alternate colors and videos of the product in action. Tablet screens of up to 12 inches make them the ideal option for sharing this content with customers.
  2. Built-in functionality for multiple additional uses such as serving as a mobile point of sale system.
  3. Devices equipped with daylight-viewable screens for outdoor sales environments such as car lots or home and garden centers.
  4. Real-time access to sales or inventory data to streamline business processes. A manager can instantly view an item quantity in the warehouse without leaving the store floor.
  5. Optional accessories such as printers or card readers can be used across the retail enterprise. In addition, built-in cameras available in next-generation tablets can be used as bar code or QR code scanners.

Learn how feature-rich, tablet PCs from MobileDemand with their rugged design, embedded security, and ability to link enterprise applications on-the-go allow retailers to adopt tablets not only for enhanced customer engagement, but throughout all levels of their operations.


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