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Rugged Tablet PC in the Patrol Car Keep Police on the Beat

As modern law enforcement faces growing complexities, there is a shift in county sheriff offices and local police departments toward providing specialized training and technology support for their personnel. Consequently, law enforcement officials and first responders are being armed with the tools, knowledge and skills needed to effectively perform their duties in the most efficient, productive—and most importantly—safe manner.

Law enforcement personnel still using paper-based systems for ticketing and manually writing reports at headquarters are taking valuable time away from policing the streets. More and more sheriff offices and police departments are turning to mobile computing as a solution.

As a result, police vehicles are essentially being turned into mobile offices. Citation generation is expedited with a wireless Rugged Tablet PC mounted in the front seat. Officers can access reliable, real-time information such as background checks, license plate numbers, vehicle registrations and VINs. Using thermal printers to print the tickets and e-citation software systems, the process becomes quick and efficient, enabling more time to be spent on patrol.

Rugged Tablet PC for Law EnforcementMobileDemand’s Rugged Tablet PC solution provides law enforcement with real-time knowledge to keep them safe. Officers prepare before entering a potential crime scene by accessing crime databases for up-to-date prior-arrest, mug shot and protective-order information.

Integrated software systems streamline communication, which reduces traffic previously conducted over the radio and allows officers to be more efficiently dispatched to a scene. It also enables EMS workers to get to emergency situations more quickly and potentially save more lives. In addition, the Tablet PC system can use GPS to provide the fastest routing information for both police and ambulance in responding to emergency cases.

Because the mobile computer is typically used both inside and outside of the vehicle, any tablet PC used by law enforcement needs to be rugged enough to withstand harsh conditions. The xTablet PC from MobileDemand meets fully rugged standards for extreme hot and cold temperatures, bumps and vibration, dust entry and humidity—conditions most often associated with a vehicle environment. In addition, when used outside, they survive up to 5-ft drops, are spill-resistant, and have a Hi-Brite daylight readable display.


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