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Enhance Outsourcing Strategy with Rugged Tablet PC

One of the most noticeable changes in the business operations environment in recent years has been the increasing use of outsourcing across many industries and company functions.

Outsourcing can offer distinct benefits to better integrate and streamline supply chain operations and technologies, allowing you to maximize overall performance. Partnering with a Logistic Service Provider (LSP) can strengthen and support your company’s warehousing, transportation and other specific supply chain activities.

Incorporating use of innovative mobile technologies such as a Rugged Tablet PC can enhance supply chain efficiencies even more, moving you closer to Best-in-Class status.

Rugged Tablet PC for Supply ChainDefining Best-in-Class.

Studies show that top-performing companies are able to:

  • Reduce baseline freight costs.
  • Reduce storage costs as compared to shipped value.
  • Deliver at least 97% of outbound orders on time and complete.
  • Capture at least 90% of returns on time and complete.

These companies succeed by outsourcing to LSPs, to close gaps that previously restricted their ability to perform most effectively. Most choose an LSP that serves all of their locations and use the LSP for:

  • International freight forwarding and Customs brokerage to assure compliance.
  • Consolidation and de-consolidation of services.
  • Warehousing and/or cross-docking services.
  • Total transportation management.

For company executives and supply chain professionals, managing change is critical. An LSP can serve as a strategic partner that’s virtually an extension of your internal operations, yet capable of managing your entire fulfillment process around the world. This allows you to:

  • Increase staff productivity, by re-assigning personnel to more critical activities.
  • Eliminate the need for costly system development and ongoing maintenance.
  • Expand your operational capabilities and geographical reach.
  • Provide the highest quality customer service while focusing internally on strengthening core competencies.

Rugged Tablet PC for WarehousingBecoming Best-in-Class requires the right productivity equipment.

Web-based collaborative technology is essential. While most companies have adopted warehouse management solutions (WSM), many still aren’t using the latest tools. Mobile devices, especially go-anywhere Rugged Tablet PC systems, offer tremendous advantages, including:

  • On-the-spot general computing capability.
  • Real-time data capture.
  • Information sharing, including inventory visibility, across your entire supply chain -- any time, from any location.

In fact, Rugged Tablet PCs can help you streamline work flow and integrate best practices throughout all your business processes, not just the logistics supply chain.

Make a plan to become Best-in-Class.

  • Ask yourself how supply chain implementation relates to your overall business, and if you have the resources to successfully incorporate new strategies on your own.
  • Consider key geographic, customer and logistics factors as they relate to your long-term goals. Identify the costs as well as functional and service benefits outsourcing could provide to help manage your logistics more effectively.
  • You’re working in an ever-more-complex and technical environment, so be sure to study ways in which you can save time and money by introducing smart-tech tools such as Rugged Tablet PCs.

You may decide that outsourcing can provide your most cost-effective long-term solution. In that case, you can build a profitable working relationship wit your LSP by clearly identifying:

  • Which things you do best internally and which your outsourced partner can do best for you.
  • Mutual expectations.
  • Performance metrics that measure results against expectations.

Continued business success and profitability depend on controlling costs while providing top-notch customer service. Combining automation with collaboration can generate the greatest operational efficiencies and help move your company toward becoming Best-in-Class.

How are you using outsourcing to better manage your logistics?


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