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Tablet PC Helps Eliminate Inefficiencies with Real-time Communications

As an executive or director, you know when you review reports that there is nothing more frustrating than seeing glaring inefficiencies in your workforce. Fortunately, equipping your sales people, service technicians, public safety officers, delivery personnel, or any member of your team who is regularly in the field with a rugged tablet PC is an easy way to help eliminate inefficiencies with real-time communications. Rugged tablet PCs will allow faster response times in the field, while also improving safety, accuracy, productivity and customer service.

Your business moves fast, which is why real-time communication is critical to success. A rugged tablet pc will improve your operations as it provides information to allow for smart decision making in the field. Additionally, providing your staff members with a rugged tablet PC means you'll be able to have real-time visibility into your operational field work activities and assets. 

Rugged Tablet PCThe rugged tablet PC also allows for standardizing and implementing a variety of computing devices throughout the enterprise - reducing operating costs and improving efficiency. You'll also see lower TCO, lower training costs and lower IT maintenance costs because with a rugged tablet PC, there's no longer a need for multiple devices. You'll be streamlining your assets and your communication by reducing the need for laptops, cell phones and other tablets when you switch to a rugged tablet pc. Regular tablets don't have the durability you'll find with a rugged tablet pc, so choosing a less rugged product will have you returning to buy a rugged tablet pc after losing one to the rugged jobs your team performs.  

You'll be amazed at how fast you'll see inefficiencies disappear from reports as field employees are linked to mobile supervisors and dispatchers by real-time communications. Not only will communication improve, but so will operational decisions and efficiency. The rugged tablet PC makes your workers more productive and efficient, it's like having a full mobile desktop complete with the Windows OS and Intel processing power out in the field.

Rugged tablets PCs also offer flexible input options such as an integrated numeric keypad, bar code and RFID scanner, pen stylus and an on-screen keyboard, so inefficiencies are again reduced by having multiple options in a single computing device. They also have flexible port options, which means you can connect a variety of peripherals to the rugged tablet pc in the field. Accessories are also available for the tablets including mounts and cradles for every application. 

Companies often overlook rugged tablet PCs because of the higher initial cost, but rugged tablets will provide long-lasting peace of mind for you, your IT department and your company when you know that your critical information will be protected. Rugged tablet PCs are build for the mobile workforce - they're waterproof, dust proof, shock and dropped certified. Whether your team is delivering across town, assessing disasters or responding to emergencies in the worst of conditions, rugged tablet PCs are the way to make sure they're connected with real-time communication and increased efficiency.

Your business can be hard on technology, which is why the total cost of ownership is lower when you switch to rugged tablet PCs. When you have the right tool for the job you will reduce inefficiencies, increase productivity and improve customer service -- all of which are good for your bottom line.


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