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Tablet PC Tableside: Order to Payment

Businesses are always on the lookout for ways to remain competitive in today’s environment. For firms in the hospitality industry, effectively communicating with customers is the key to keeping their edge. For restaurant operators specifically, embracing technology for mobile point-of-sale (POS) is the latest tool to provide enhanced customer service. The trend toward tableside order placement and payment is becoming increasingly popular as more and more restaurants move from stand-alone terminals to mobile computers equipped with payment applications and magnetic card readers.

Hardware is Evolving, Making POS Possible
Tableside order placement and payment is possible today as technology continues to evolve in the following ways:

  1. Lightweight mobile computer offerings
  2. More peripheral connections such as thermal printers and credit card readers
  3. Energy savings with lower consumption tablet computers
  4. Data security with PCI compliant security features
  5. More affordable hardware and software solutions
  6. Reliable cooling technology that does not require a fan
  7. Durable PC design with bright LED backlit touch screen display, a wide operating temperature range, dust, shock and spill-resistant casing

Rugged Tablet PC for RestaurantsSome Rugged Tablet PC systems have all of these features and more. They are light enough to be used by servers as a POS ordering and payment device. Or they can be used as a touch-screen, multimedia kiosk for self-service. Card readers accept credit, debit, gift and staff cards. They offer energy saving features and an auto-standby mode to reduce overall power consumption and come with high-efficiency power supply options. They operate at a low noise level between extreme hot and cold temperatures and are resistant to humidity, water and dust. Rugged Tablet PC systems running on a full Windows operating system are compliant for data security. They can also survive several repeated drops to ensure they stay up and running no matter how hectic the environment.  

Learn how feature-rich Tablet PC systems from MobileDemand with their rugged yet lightweight design, embedded security, affordability and reliability enable restaurants to enhance customer service for a competitive advantage.


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