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Rugged Tablet Computers on the Shop Floor

As manufacturers leverage existing plant floor automation to implement additional systems, the use of Rugged Tablet PC systems to monitor and control industrial, infrastructure and facility-based processes (supervisory control and data acquisition) continues to evolve. Since computing and communications technology comes in portable and durable form factors, more plant operations are using mobile computers to improve quality and process reliability, provide greater decision capability, and reduce costs. Manufacturers are finding that rugged mobile computers have advantages over fixed computers or low-cost, non-rugged devices because they can go anywhere, have full computing capability and handle the demands inherent in a manufacturing environment over a long life.

Rugged Tablet PC for ManufacturingManufacturing environments provide a whole host of challenges—exposure to oil, dirt, harsh chemicals, cold and heat, and general tough use from bumps, drops and vibration—that can hinder performance and ultimately shorten the life of non-rugged computers. Rugged Tablet PC systems are designed to resist moisture and connection-clogging dust and can operate in extreme temperatures between -4°F and 122°F. To protect your investment, they are designed to absorb shock and vibration energy, including drops from 4 feet and the effects of being mounted on machinery or moving equipment. For optimal performance, they are also designed to minimize electronic interference commonly generated by equipment and in-plant systems.

Other Rugged Tablet PC peripherals that are available include fully-integrated communication options including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for real-time data acquisition and processing. These wireless mobile Tablet PC systems can go anywhere within the four walls to enable full computing capability at the point of decision.

The flexibility of full-function, rugged tablet computers offers distinct advantages that can make operations more efficient. The benefits of deploying rugged mobile computers instead of using conventional devices easily outweigh the cost. The ability to extend ERP systems to the point of work and use computing technology in harsh environments offers significant operating benefits.

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