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Improve Efficiency and Public Safety with Rugged Tablet PC Systems

Just as with all technology, the uses for a Rugged Tablet PC continue to evolve with the changing communication needs of their users. Take public safety, for example. Public safety field crews and emergency first responders require the most efficient means to respond effectively to crimes, disasters, fires or power outages. They arrive quickly at the scene armed with real-time information that can be critical in averting or responding to a disaster.

Today, for law enforcement, Rugged Tablet PC systems are built tough enough to operate seamlessly both inside and outside a vehicle without disrupting the tasks at hand. The rugged design makes them ideal for tough environments associated with emergency situations where bumps, dust, extreme hot and cold temperatures, humidity, rain, shocks and vibration are common. Inside a vehicle, officers can communicate with dispatch, access crime databases and perform tasks required to issue a citation. The officer can capture signatures outside the vehicle as well.

Rugged Tablet PC for Public SectorFirefighters and EMS crew members who use a mobile tablet PC have access to real-time, mission-critical information such as building profiles and schematics. As with law enforcement, communications with dispatch are streamlined for faster response time. Further, a Rugged Tablet PC provides first responders with the real-time visibility for heightened situational awareness and preparation so that when they arrive at a scene they can keep themselves and those they protect safe.

When multiple departments are equipped with Rugged Tablet mobile computers, they can communicate and coordinate more efficiently and potentially save lives and property. Features such as wireless connectivity keep central command, law enforcement, fire, EMS, hazmat and other departments connected so that they can make decisions and take appropriate actions based on the same information. In addition, GPS provides access to the quickest routing directions to the final destination, improving response and transport times.



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