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Mobile PC and Wireless Trends

With the new year comes the inevitable discussions of new trends. What will be the hot new style, music or film? Who will rise to — and fall from — fame? What will 2012 bring in mobile and wireless developments? Here at MobileDemand, we do care about what Lady Gaga will wear to the Grammy's but we care just a little bit more about what the year will bring in mobile devices. Here's a look at what we expect to see in wireless and mobile trends in 2012.

Rugged Tablet PC for MilitaryTablets on the Rise
At the end of 2011, 11 percent of U.S. adults owned a tablet, which is a fairly major development given the iPad was just introduced less than two years ago. As personal use of the tablet PC increases, expect to see more use of tablet pcs in the work environment, just as we've seen smart phones become integrated into the business world. Although, what you'll see in the workplace are more rugged, enterprise-class productivity tools like the MobileDemand xTablet. These tablets are designed specifically for rough and tumble mobile applications such as warehouse inventory management, building inspections, industrial equipment maintenance, direct store delivery and law enforcement, just to name a few.

Get Your Head in the Cloud
Cloud computing was all the rage in 2011 and you should expect that trend to continue in 2012. Wireless and mobile devices increasingly rely on cloud-based databases and cloud services. And, the cloud allows different wireless devices like notebooks, smart phones and tablets to access the same information giving employees unprecedented flexibility in how and where they work. You should look for trends in using tablet pcs on the road and in a variety of workplaces using cloud computing to essentially bring the office on the road.

Talking Machines
Machine to machine (M2M) technology is on the rise as well. This is still a somewhat new field in wireless and mobile technology but one trend that could revolutionize a wide variety of industries. Wi-Fi, cellular technology and other mobile technologies now make it relatively simple to turn machines into key communicators. These machines capture important data such as inventory levels and transmit it to any number of mobile devices including rugged tablet pcs. M2M technology can put a vast amount of information literally into employees' hands empowering them to work more efficiently, more creatively and with the information they need right at their fingertips.

Rise of the Apps
The Pew Internet and American Life Project reports that now, a full 50 percent of Americans have apps on their cell phones. This data does not include the many more users who have apps on their tablets. In 2012, look for apps that can aid in business including mobile payments, mobile commerce and object recognition. These apps on a tablet pc carried by an employee can turn any location into a cash register or mobile catalog.


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