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Smart Store Associates Improve Customer Experience with Tablet PCs

What's the worst thing you can imagine hearing from a sales representative in a store or dealership? Is it, "I don't really know about that. I just work here." Of course you "just work here," so shouldn't you be the person in the know? Too often, customers arrive in a brick and mortar store with more knowledge about a product and services than the front line sales representatives when it should be the other way around. A Rugged Tablet PC can help by arming store associates with the right tools to get the job done.

The Smart Consumer
According to the Pew Internet and American Life Project, 58 percent of Americans go online to research products they are interested in buying. While online, they compare prices, read reviews and check out product information. This means that when they arrive in your store, they're already knowledgeable about what it is they want to purchase. Consumers are also likely to check out a local business while online before arriving in person.

Store employees and sales representatives should be just as prepared as the consumers. This means they need access to the same content as consumers and need training in how to provide a value added in store experience to compliment the online experience. Arming employees with a Tablet PC where they can access product information or training modules can provide that education to sales representatives.

Rugged Tablet PC for Retail Line BustingIn Store Technology
Your online products and in store products do not have to be mutually exclusive. With Rugged Tablet PCs, you can bring technology into the store. They can serve as mobile catalogs, a means to personalize or customize a purchase or to access a customer's past purchase history or inventory. In store technology, therefore, can enhance a customer's experience and extend the online shopping and research they did at home.

Use Your Resources
In stores, your sales associates are your number one resource and they are a smart bunch, already tuned in to the mobile and Internet revolution. A full 85 percent of Americans over the age of 18 own a cell phone. Half of those cell phone users have appson their phones. Five years ago, having apps meant canapes before dinner. 

Your employees are included in these demographics and chances are, they will use technology in new and exciting ways in the store if given the opportunity to do so. They will probably even find creative ways to use technology that companies haven't even thought of yet. Empowering sales associates to use their technological know how and the flexibility of the Rugged Tablet PC can only enhance the customer's in store experience.

The market has changed. Sales associates are expected to have more an of answer to complex customer questions than "Don't ask me. I just work here." Smart store associates make smart business sense and provide a seamless transition between a customer's online and in store experiences.



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