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Tablet PC Technology for the Dirty Jobs

Not everyone works in an office. And there are lots of dirty jobs out there – literally. If yours is one of them, you need a tablet PC that’s rugged enough to keep up.

Thankfully, mobile technology isn’t just for chatting or shopping any more. The enterprise-class tablet PC embodies the latest ingenious-yet-practical technologies. It is physically constructed for outdoor or other dirty environments yet provides comprehensive notepad, computing and mobile communications capabilities.

A rugged tablet PC can be your strongest working partner, regardless of where you work. Tablet PCs are especially valuable for anyone from field crews to business owners who work in:

  • Engineering
  • Geology or hydrogeology
  • Transportation
  • Surveying
  • Agriculture
  • Natural resources
  • Installation, maintenance or repair                      

They provide cost-effective solutions for even the dirtiest workplaces, with:

  • Convenient hand-held size
  • Full-strength Windows operating system and application support
  • Camera
  • GPS
  • Wifi, often with military-level cellular that extends reception
  • Versatile docking or mounting options
  • Long-lasting batteries

Rugged tablet PC at the NASCAR RacetrackInvesting in the right tablet computer means bright sunlight, rain, dirt or rough-and-tumble work environments are just another day at the “office.” That’s because a rugged tablet PC is right at home around extreme dust, moisture, mud, temperatures ranging from stifling desert heat to freezers. It's built for shock resistance, to withstand being bounced around, dropped on rocks or concrete floors.

You can use tablet PCs to dramatically increase your remote productivity by:

  • Collecting data such as scientific field-test results, notes, geo-mapping or product or customer information including signatures. Transfer data immediately to documents or files on other devices or elsewhere, or save it for later download.
  • Adding time and GPS-stamp to uploaded data.
  • Sending pictures for off-site evaluation and response.
  • Knowing where your crew is without them having to stop work and check in, distracting their concentration and wasting their billable time. Geo-coding work locations ensures they never get lost or delayed in transit.
  • Geotagging the precise location of high-value assets.
  • Increasing your ability to capture and transmit photos or even video.
  • Immediately processing payments or creating and sending invoices to your  customer or office.
  • Tracking mobile inventory, whether a fleet of trucks or a load of produce.
  • Performing field-checks.
  • Instantly accessing information.
  • Using a barcode or RFID reader to enter items into inventory and print labels.
  • Eliminating back-and-forth trips to the office.

More and more businesses are working in the cloud because cloud-based applications can make even the dirtiest work more efficient, with streamlined work processes and everything you need right at your fingertips.

A Rugged Tablet PC is durable, reliable and capable, like a good pair of work boots. It can help you do virtually everything you could do in an office anywhere things get dirty. That’s because it's tough as nail. In fact, even tougher than nails. Watch this video and see for yourself


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