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Rugged Tablet PCs Help Improve Fleet/Transportation & Logistics Operations

Nothing says “mobile” like fleet operations. It’s the kind of environment where Rugged Tablet PC systems can really show off their capabilities, helping you optimize every aspect of fleet performance. From pickup and delivery scheduling and execution to company-wide logistics, rugged tablet computers help you manage the processes and make ongoing refinements necessary to stay lean but effective.

Create a feedback loop.

How do you know if you’re doing a good job – productive, efficient, budget-conscious and customer-supportive – if you don’t monitor and analyze your efforts? You need a monitoring plan, based on accurate real-time data. And you need to continuously fine-tune it to ensure you’re responding most effectively to reduce costs, improve customer service and support your drivers.

Your business environment is constantly shifting and evolving. Instituting an effective feedback loop helps ensure you can stay nimble and competitive. Rugged Tablet PCs make it easier and faster to capture relevant data from on-the-go fleet operations, so you can analyze that information and make the smartest decisions.

Use general indicators like:

  • On-time starts, because a slow start can spoil the entire day.
  • On-time deliveries, to meet customer expectations.
  • Engine idle time – a big waste of fuel, especially over multiple vehicles, and a  waste of time that kills productivity.
  • Driver timing – are schedules unreasonably tight?
  • Jobs per day – would altering routes or loads help get more done?
  • Fuel consumption – look for variances among trucks and drivers to identify better efficiencies.

Rugged Tablet PC for TransportationUsing rugged tablets and developing business-specific metrics go hand-in-hand.

How well you capture efficiencies, increase productivity and minimize costs can directly reflect how effectively you’re using your Tablet PC systems. They combine full-screen high-performance computing with nearly unlimited mobility, so you can use them anywhere, any time, even literally on the move.

Track your fleet and your inventory, using bar code and optional RFID readers, GPS routing and tagging and black box tracking. Manage manifests and fuel consumption.

Mobile devices enable dispatchers and drivers to remain in communication regarding route or schedule changes, based on changing traffic conditions or customer needs.

Your drivers or other team members always have information right at hand via secure wireless, and rugged tablets can be mounted with quick-release for maximum driver usability. They can process sales on the spot, scanning product information, capturing electronic signatures and creating e-receipts. Or instantly create an invoice to send to the office, electronically transmit to customer or use a portable printer to provide a hard copy.

Schematics or other documents are instantly available to installers or repair technicians, on a screen large enough to comfortably read. Personnel working in sunny, wet, dusty, hot, cold or other inhospitable conditions can be assured of reliable, tough and lightweight equipment. And if it gets dropped, that’s OK. Things happen. Rugged tablet PC systems are designed and constructed to meet military specifications.  

Integrating tablets into daily operation can help with regulatory compliance, too, especially if you’re gathering data necessary to meet new safety and environmental standards set by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

And mobile tablets allow you to consolidate data and communications into a single versatile device, eliminating the need to purchase and support multiple devices.

Managing fleet operations means you have to be prepared. You can’t afford to be delayed by surprises, and you certainly can’t afford unnecessary costs. Using Rugged Tablet PC technology to streamline and better integrate every aspect of your operation can keep you ahead of the competition, with across-the-board efficiencies and impressive ROI that makes rugged tablets a truly impressive investment.


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