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Rugged Tablet PC Systems Used in Aerospace and Defense

Modern battlefields have evolved to become just as network-centric as private industry.  Nearly all platforms have become interconnected nodes where mission-critical information and data can be securely communicated between independent operators in real time.  Rugged Tablet PC systems have become integral with mission success in forward conflicts and mission-critical operations.

Aerospace Maintenance

Whether maintaining or refurbishing aircraft, the work of aerospace personnel invariably moves from depot to the flight line frequently.  The requirements for computing power to be portable are paramount, but there are many other necessities that the aerospace industry has placed on manufacturers.

  • Easily viewable technical documents
  • Interactive training applications
  • Display 3D images
  • Analyze flight-related data
  • Record digital and electrical measurement data in harsh conditions
  • Load on-board data and software
  • Search for damage within aircraft structures or on-board systems

In addition to these requirements a Rugged Tablet PC must have all-light readability to enable viewing both indoors and out with variable lighting conditions, such as direct sunlight or complete darkness. 

Rugged Tablet PC for MilitaryDefense

Similar to aerospace uses, defense applications for Rugged Tablet PCs require portability between vehicles, where tablet displays may be viewed from an in-vehicle mount, and as integral equipment for soldiers on the move.  In today's battlefields, every soldier has become an independent node of the military network where infantry and operations personnel alike have cutting edge computing capabilities at their fingertips. 

As computing power has traveled to the trenches, Rugged Tablet PC systems have evolved to adapt to harsh operating conditions, with military specification MIL-STD 810G for drop, shock, water resistance, dust and temperature resistances.  This harsh environment survivability has made mobile computing solutions an integral component for soldiers in uses such as:

  • IED detection
  • Intelligence gathering and analysis
  • Surveillance
  • Reconnaissance
  • Emergency medical response and record keeping
  • Asset tracking and deployment
  • Mission-related mapping, rendering and GPS

Additionally, requirements for reductions in computer hardware size and weight and power management have continually challenged computer manufacturers to keep up with the evolving needs of military users.  Tablet PCs have to be small and light enough for soldiers to carry them and have power consumption minimized to allow for hours of continual use.  But their uses aren't just relegated to ground vehicles and infantry.  Rugged Tablet PCs can be found within military operations on ships, submarines and aircraft. 

Aerospace and defense applications for Rugged Tablet PC systems are all about putting the greatest computer processing capabilities in the smallest spaces and making them available to all applicable personnel.  And along with the versatility of numerous applications all this computing must be flawlessly executed within some of the harshest environments in the world.


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