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Rugged Tablet PCs Enhance Retail Supply Chain Shopping Experience

Is there someone out there who actually likes waiting in line?

Of course not. It’s annoying and a waste of time. Often shoppers would rather just give up and go somewhere else. But you can keep lines from forming before they become a problem, especially during peak sales times or seasons, by using mobile Tablet PC systems to finalize more sales, faster.

Happy customers stay longer and buy more.

A Rugged Tablet PC can simplify the check-out process, allowing sales associates to quickly grab a tablet and jump in to alleviate wait times. Tablets PCs are equipped with advanced credit card readers, bar code scanners and RFID readers to quickly capture sales details, and high-speed wireless connectivity makes processing payments from anywhere in the store a snap.

Mobile tablets greatly increase your sales-per-hour capability.

Retail tablet PC line bustingWe all seem to be in a hurry these days, so using  a Tablet PC for POS as a portable cash register also significantly enhances your customers’ experience. People love the in-line intervention. The process, however brief, provides a bit more one-on-one interaction even during the busiest times. Highly personalized assistance boosts customer service satisfaction and builds longer-lasting, loyal shopper relationships.

Of course you could invest in more cash registers and staff to operate them, but that would be more costly, reduce valuable sales floor space and potentially detract from the appearance and comfort of your retail environment. And tethered equipment isn’t flexible or scalable like a mobile tablet PC.

A Rugged Tablet PC is entirely portable.

With where-needed-when-needed capability, mobile computers provide productivity advantages far beyond line busting. Rugged Tablet PCs could easily become your most indispensable “multi-tasking tool” for both front and back of house operations.

They can perform multiple point-of-sale (POS) roles. They’re particularly useful for stand-alone locations such as kiosks or other places where mobility is important, but they can also augment your desktop or tethered POS equipment. Use them to show videos and product demos, do price look-ups or check item availability at other store locations.

Rapidly growing use of Rugged Tablet PCs makes store associates more mobile. They’re better able to assist customers by identifying where merchandise is located, rather than having to run back and forth to the “customer service” stand. They can use your in-store wireless network to search for back-room inventory or solve other customer issues, to keep things flowing to the floor and on the floor.

You can stop talking about going paperless and actually do it. Simply capture signatures electronically and give customers an e-receipt. Use a thermal printer if someone really wants a paper copy.

Evolving technologies are making the newest Rugged Tablet PC systems more useful than ever.

Look for important characteristics such as:

  • Full-screen to run standard software applications.
  • Military-grade shock- and water-resistance as well as ability to withstand dust and temperature extremes.
  • Options for handheld, stationary or vehicle-mounted operation.
  • Numeric keypad for easy data entry.
  • Bar code scanning.
  • Optical devices for bar code reading.
  • Secure wireless LAN.

Size matters for portability. But ruggedness matters for survival (VIDEO). Employees aren’t always as kind to equipment as you’d like, and your Tablet PC is going to get a workout over long days.  The Rugged Tablet PC is smart and sophisticated and also resilient to damage.

No wonder retail professionals from top management to the sales floor to the loading dock are relying on mobile devices to get work done efficiently and cost-effectively. Once you invest in Rugged Tablet PCs you’ll wonder how your operation ever functioned without them.


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