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Essentials for Effective Mobile Workforce Automation

The business world has gone mobile at all levels whether you're a large corporation or a small home based business. But going mobile no longer means just the ability to check email on your smart phone. Turning your mobile operation into an effective tool for doing business takes more. The businesses that most effectively utilize mobile workforce automation are those that embrace technologies like the Rugged Tablet PC, real time data software and the latest in high quality mobile imaging. 

There are three key ways mobile technology can enhance your mobile workforce operation: inventory control, employee management and reliability. Let's first look at inventory control.

Tablet PC Bar Code ScannerInventory commands a great deal of your capital and your space. Better control of inventory maximizes both. You can easily capture inventory information through Rugged Tablet PC systems equipped with bar code scanners. As soon as an item is scanned, it goes into your inventory database so you know exactly what you have, where it is located and how it moves to the consumer. At the same time, mobile technology provides instant, real-time data as you fill and ship orders, data you can use to manage and control inventory flow. Adding mobile inventory control allows you to more easily track what goes in and out. After you collect enough data, inventory ordering can become nearly automatic.

Mobile technology further enhances workforce automation through employee management software. For most businesses, effectively utilizing employees is a key to success. Employees with time on their hands because of poor planning waste company money through no fault of their own. Mobile technology software changes employee management.

A Ruggedized computer with integrated GPS allows managers to quickly and easily locate employees and route them intelligently based on their location, area of expertise and the current work load. Managers can communicate the new assignments to field employees wirelessly, in real time.

Rugged Tablet PC put in laundromat dryer One key benefit of mobile workforce automation most people tend to overlook is the sheer reliability of today's Rugged Tablet PCs and other mobile devices. These devices have to work in all conditions — hot, cold, wet, dusty — and work to top performance. The technology has caught up and the current generation of rugged devices is made to handle the rough and ever-changing conditions of the mobile workplace. Click here to watch a video of a rugged tablet PC put inside an industrial laundromat dryer.  

At the same time, the devices have increased in quality as well. Ergonomics have improved so employees actually want to use their mobile devices. And add ons like cameras, voice and bar code scanning have improved as well. Now, these mobile devices can offer delivery confirmation, instant site data, information about damages or even videos to use for training. 

The "office" has moved beyond the four walls into the field and beyond. Make sure you get the most out of mobile technology to automate your workforce and streamline operations. 


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