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The Right Productivity Tool for the Job

From Gotta Be Mobile: People use tools all the time that aren’t really designed for the job. A weekend painter uses a board across a couple of chairs as makeshift scaffolding. A do-it-yourself woodworker uses a hand sander instead of a power sander. In some cases, people just try to make do with what they have. In others, people use the wrong tools because there are a lot of choices out there and they just don’t know enough to make the right one. It’s not that inadequate tools don’t work at all; it’s just that you usually pay the price – in quality and precision of the work, time and money.

Rugged Tablet PC for Distribution But when it comes to the kind of efficiency and productivity that can make or break a business, the right tools are essential. Such is the case when selecting the right tablet computer for your mobile workforce. There are times when either an iPad or Android tablet is the best choice. And then there are applications for which only a rugged tablet PC will do. But it’s not always easy to tell which jobs require which tool.

Here’s some information that should help you decide which type of tablet will be the best fit for your business.

Begin by answering the “Who, What, Why, When, Where and How” questions. Answering these questions will determine whether your needs would be best met with an enterprise-class rugged tablet PC or a media tablet such as an iPad or Android device.

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