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The Importance of Cloud Computing and Tablet PCs in Field Service

Freedom. Cloud computing offers field service employees the freedom to work remotely with a few simple tools: a Rugged Tablet PC and Internet access via mobile or Web browser to interact with corporate data in real-time. Remote access to data is what enables the worker to be mobile—to perform a job anyplace, anytime. This is why field service executives are quickly embracing cloud hosted solutions.

According to Forrester Research, the global market for cloud computing is expected to grow from $41 billion in 2011 to $241 billion in 2020. While it makes sense for many large companies with big budgets to support solutions with their own internal IT departments, more line-of-business applications such as field service are moving toward a hosted model. Cloud-based solutions enable some new features and functionalities that are either unavailable or difficult to execute with an on-premise solution.

7 Reasons to Embrace Cloud-Based Computing and Rugged Tablet PC Technology in Field Service

1. Lower TCO. Cloud-based solutions have several cost-savings advantages through increased flexibility, scalability, ease of use, and lower IT support requirements. When the system exists in the cloud, internal IT resources can be redirected to work on other projects and corporate initiatives. This adds up to a substantially lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and positively affects your bottom line.

Field Service Utilities Rugged Tablet PC2. Employee and Customer Satisfaction. Employees can securely access important centralized data in order to do their jobs effectively. In addition, as part of the cloud-computing package, companies receive automatic updates via rugged tablet PC systems for any software integrated into the virtual environments. This is key for field service companies because it allows mobile workers to access the most up-to-date field service software to improve productivity and customer satisfaction.

3. No Maintenance Downtime. Cloud solutions come with adaptive, robust, and flexible configuration tools. For example, software deployments happen easily from a central location. In addition, the solutions have “always-on” availability because there is no business disruption when software is upgraded. Therefore, cloud computing can ensure continuous rugged tablet PC access.

4. Real-time Data. Unlike on-premise solutions, cloud computing relies on real-time connectivity in order to function. Therefore, the picture seen in the back-office is the actual picture of the current field environment, which enables more complete, timely and relevant decision-making and management of mobile resources.

5. Improved Security and Disaster Recovery. Security and disaster recovery is improved because data is stored off site in a hosted secure data center. This added security feature of the cloud ensures that field service data will be safe and automatically restored as long as the mobile worker is connected to the Internet.

6. Low Cost of Entry. Compared to on-premise solutions, the cost of entry for a full-featured field service cloud solution is low. The cost and convenience of cloud-based solutions will continue to attract small and mid-size companies because they like the idea of only paying for the capacity used. A pay-as-you-go option is more desirable than purchasing an on-premise license in the current investment environment in which credit is tight for growing companies.

7. Competitive Advantage. As field service companies better understand the benefits of moving away from on-premise computing and shift to cloud computing for delivering advanced IT services, competitors will likely follow suit. Those who already have adopted cloud computing will likely have a substantial, long-term competitive advantage.

Learn how MobileDemand’s Rugged Tablet PCs, as part of your cloud-based solutions for field service automation, can continuously deliver information to workers and help you stay ahead of the technology curve.



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