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Differentiate Yourself in the Retail Supply Chain Landscape with Tablet PCs

This is retail. Why mention all the others?

Differentiating yourself in today’s hugely competitive retail landscape could start with investing in rugged mobile computing, a burgeoning innovation in modern business environments.  The systems are valuable, flexible, and offer a unique bridge between retailer objectives and consumer expectation. Connecting owners and shoppers with a brilliant and vital technology like this could be just the way to energize your already brilliant company.

For instance, a 2009 Wharton study, “Discovering WOW: A Study of Great Retail Shopping Experiences in North America”, found that 35% of consumers owed an “extraordinary shopping experience” to “store design and atmosphere”. Other research, by OgilvyAction as reported by RetailWire, revealed that impulsive shopping is still common: with 9% of shoppers making unplanned category purchases in-store, and 39% entering the store with a specific brand, but not a category, in mind.

Rugged Tablet PC Retail Shopping MallThese are both opportunities to embrace an exciting technology, rugged tablet PCs, that are able to reinvigorate and differentiate a great retail business.

With technology like rugged tablet PCs (such as MobileDemand’s products), you can very positively and very persuasively set yourself apart in the eyes of consumers -- in terms of the physical shopping experience, not the product itself. In our modern era, the experience of retail shopping has to become the paramount objective.

Rugged tablets are flexible and adaptable: never an indulgence for consumer’s benefit but always an asset to the productivity and efficiency of retailers like you. They’re more about innovation than they are about simple duplication. What does this mean? Provide information to help a consumer make a buying decision.

The growing influence of Tablet PCs in recent years has spurred a whole slew of new applications. Tablets have been of enormous help to the following: Idaho dairy... the pit crew of the Red Bull racing team... Dale Lee Distributing... Affiliated Foods Midwest... Ben E. Keith Beverage Distribution. Whatever your specific industry, assist your staffers or shoppers or both with the latest state-of-the-art tech solutions.

MobileDemand’s rugged tablet PCs, for example, offer full Windows applications for both business and desktop systems, a simple built-in numeric keypad, and a suite of options and accessories that you can tailor to your customers’ needs. They suit a wide variety of companies: from public safety to agriculture to beverage distribution.

Investment in technology like rugged tablets can distinguish a hard-working, flexible, adaptive retail business. With rugged mobile computing integrated into your company, not only will the customers’ experience be greatly enhanced, your business results will be optimized. Don’t let your retail company fall behind.



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