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Using Tablet PC Technology to Improve In-Store Efficiency

Part 1: Stock, Price and Promotion Planning: Today sales associates in most leading retailers use Tablet PCs in their stores. A few have been using them for years and are on their third or fourth generation of mobile devices. According to a recent AMR Research/Gartner survey, mobile technologies will be used in 72 percent of all retail locations and the average number of devices will quadruple from 4 to 16. That is significant for retailers in their never-ending quest to cut costs and increase margins in our current economy. The rapid return on investment and benefits for stock, price and promotion planning are too compelling for them not to make the investment in mobile technology.

Rugged Tablet PC for Retail StoreStock Management
Retailers have long been challenged with the task of maintaining and managing stock at optimum levels. Today, an estimated 47 percent of out of stocks are created due to poor forecasting and inadequate store ordering, according to a recent Grocery Manufacturers Association study. Not only do mobile computers speed up the process of receiving goods to the retail floor to avoid potential out of stocks, but they track the movements of inventory such as in-store transfers, replenishments, returns and other transactions. Therefore, top sellers can be identified as well as slow movers. For purchasers, product visibility is essential to their role in stock management. They can set electronic orders to generate automatically based on real time sales forecasting data, for example. Likewise, store managers can optimize the store layout with best selling items toward the front and slow movers toward the back. Both lead to increased sales, reduced out of stocks and improved stock return rates. 

Price Management
In the reality of today’s competitive market, retailers need to run promotions and markdowns constantly. Mobile tablet PC systems are utilized to complete these price adjustments quickly and accurately without the use of paper or manual errors, saving time and resources. Wireless tablet PCs allow store personnel to perform shelf edge verification and price audits in real time, thereby identifying discrepancies and eliminating errors for better customer service.

Promotion Planning
In order to identify seasonal or other trends, retail store managers utilize mobile tablet computers to keep abreast of shifts in buyer behavior. This information is used to formulate promotional plans and extend or modify them as needed.

Learn how the MobileDemand xTablet series of rugged tablet PC systems can help you remain competitive through stock management, price management and promotion planning.


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