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Part 2: Using Tablet PC Technology to Improve In-Store Efficiency

Part 2: Direct Store Delivery and the Customer Experience - In part one of the Using Tablet PC technology to Improve In-Store Efficiency blog post, we talked about the essential role tablet computers play in the competitive retail landscape. We explored a few reasons why investment in tablet PC technology has been on the rise in recent years and the cost savings for stock, price and promotion planning. In part two, we will explore the growth of online and clicks and mortar business. In addition, to account for this trend, we will examine the benefits of direct store delivery and customer service from the retailers’ perspective.

Customer Experience
As informed customers come into the retail store armed with comparison information and digital data, they expect an enhanced shopping experience. Rugged Tablet PCs, such as the MobileDemand xTablet series, are designed to equip retail professionals with the tools and technology they need to work more efficiently in front of the customer. Mobile tablet PC systems empower sales associates with real-time information to guide the user through the buying process—they provide immediate, accurate inventory location information, price lookups and advice on complimentary products or alternative choices to stock on hand.

Rugged Tablet PC Retail Line BustingA 2010 survey conducted by Barclays/Barclaycard found that two-fifths of consumers refused to wait in lines longer than two minutes and two-thirds or 68 percent regularly abandoned purchases altogether. Worse yet, 51 percent would not even enter a store if they saw long lines. Sales associates using tablet PCs equipped with credit card readers and signature capture applications complete line busting and mobile point of sale (POS) transactions from anywhere in the store. Not only are retailers able to provide a tailored, personalized customer experience, but they are also able to keep the number of checkout stations to a minimum, thereby making more room for merchandise or alternate revenue streams such as coffee shops or other services.

Direct Store Delivery
It has long been commonplace that in-store sales staff utilize tablet PCs to process an order for an out of stock item at one retail location and have it transferred to them from another location. Now associates use mobile tablet PCs to facilitate online orders that can either be delivered to the store for customer pick-up or shipped directly to the customer’s home. Essentially, these retailers are using their brick and mortar stores as fulfillment centers, yet not incurring the cost of a separate distribution center to cater to online sales. Therefore, delivery and overhead costs are reduced and return rates and logistics costs are also decreased.

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