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Boost Your Signal and Benefits of Tablet PCs in Law Enforcement

With the advent of new technologies such as rugged tablet PCs and secure wireless communications, many law enforcement departments have seen substantial improvements in efficiencies as well as enhanced operations capabilities.  However, for some law enforcement officials operating in remote rural areas, maintaining a wireless signal can be a challenge.  But the ability to improve signal quality through the use of cellular signal boosters provides the solution law enforcement personnel have long needed. 
Cellular Boost 
By installing cellular amplifiers and the accompanying vehicle antennas in patrol vehicles, rural law enforcement departments can enjoy all the same technology capabilities as their urban counterparts.  Poor signal quality caused by extreme distances from cellular towers and signals blocked by mountains or other obstructions can be remedied with a quick and straight forward installation process.   
law enforcement police rugged tablet pcRemote Access  
By boosting wireless signal strength rural law enforcement patrols gain the ability to access secure department databases while on patrol and responding to calls.  Information such as incident reports, records databases, or something as simple as a road map are all conveniently available via a rugged tablet PC inside a patrol vehicle.  Such access provides valuable information that makes their job easier to perform and more productive over the course of the day.   
Save Time & Fuel 
The ability to utilize a rugged tablet PC in the field to compile reports remotely saves both time and money.  Oftentimes rural responders without wireless access are forced to leave a call and drive to an area substation where reports can be completed on a desktop computer.  This reduces response times and increases fuel costs due to the needless commutes back and forth to substations.  A boosted wireless signal in conjunction with a rugged tablet PC enables responders to go from one call to the next without the extra commutes.  
Proactive Patrolling
By eliminating unnecessary commutes rural law enforcement personnel are able to spend their time in more proactive pursuits such as community-oriented policing, providing a proactive law enforcement presence, or preparing for upcoming court appearances.  The reliability provided by a boosted wireless signal makes existing departmental personnel more productive and their communities more secure.   
Boosting cellular signal strength within rural patrol vehicles provides reliable access to the many tools provided by rugged tablet PC systems.  Gaining access to the technology previously only available in urban environments makes law enforcement personnel more productive in the field, reducing response times and fuel costs.  It also allows them to pursue more proactive methods in order to ensure the safety of their communities and the residents living in them.   
The effectiveness and efficiency of rural police departments are enhanced through mobile computing technologies available utilizing Rugged Tablet PC systems.


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