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Amusement Parks Reduce Wait Times with Tablet PCs for Mobile POS

For any business, increasing operational efficiency while improving the customer experience is always central to any new technology initiative. For amusement parks, it is no different. A good mobile point of service (POS) strategy is essential to facilitate ticket taking at park entrances, expedite food and drink orders at concession areas and reduce line wait times. It is not uncommon for parks to see double-digit growth in poolside food and beverage sales based on faster response times and improved customer interaction. Staff can use tablet PCs to communicate and conduct POS activities directly with their customers, regardless of their location within the parks.

rugged tablet pc for amusement park entertainmentApplications that result in increased sales and improved customer satisfaction include:

1. Line busting

2. Age verification for alcohol sales

3. Mobile POS kiosks and carts

4. Mobile customer service

Feature-rich xTablet PCs from MobileDemand are equipped for amusement park mobile POS applications, enabling workers to respond quickly to the constant ebb and flow of traffic and meet customer demands. They feature the following:

1. Portable, lightweight full-screen tablet computers

2. Barcode scanning and imaging capabilities

3. Magnetic card readers for credit card payment processing

4. Secure wireless connectivity to back-end amusement park servers

5. Sunlight readable touch screen displays

6. Ruggedness to function in extremely hot temperatures and occasional rain and to survive regular bumps, drops and scrapes.

Now more than ever before, cutting-edge tablet PCs and proven mobile POS strategies equip retail, restaurant and hospitality industries with the means to sell more products in more places, more quickly and efficiently.

Learn how MobileDemand Tablet PCs with their portable rugged design for daylight use, embedded security and wireless connectivity can enhanced customer engagement and reduce wait times for any retail, restaurant or hospitality environment.



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