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Utilities: Streamline Paperwork and Improve Visibility with Tablet PC

Forego handling orders with pen and paper. There is no longer a need to personally pick up a service order or dispatch over 2-way radios. Today, utility and energy industries are utilizing the portability and rugged build of the latest tablet PCs to streamline paperwork and improve visibility by keeping field employees informed and office staff aware of in-field order status in real-time.

tablet pc utilitiesMobile rugged tablet PC systems are being used in more ways than ever before. Workers can go from the office to the truck to the field and back with one device. With the tablet PC, they are now able to access tools including asset maintenance, asset tracking, billing, emergency dispatch, field inspection, GIS mapping and red-lining, incident mapping, mobile workforce management and outage response. Field personnel have more time to rapidly respond to customers and now receive service orders directly in the field, saving time and fuel costs. In addition, they are able to conduct inspections, collect information, capture photos, and communicate with headquarters.

MobileDemand’s rugged xTablet Tablet PC systems are able to handle the industry’s unique and demanding field conditions, replacing non-rugged notebook PCs that are impractical for the job. These rugged mobile computers are built to perform in tough field or plant environments such as those where flammable gasses, dust, mud and sand are or may be present. They are also built to work well in environments with extreme changes in temperature and humidity, shock and vibration, water immersion, and potential drops onto concrete. When a utility worker needs to work underground, in near to total darkness, or even in direct sunlight, the xTablet series of tablet PCs comes with a daylight readable LCD screen to reduce glare and increase readability in all light levels. Wireless capabilities can allow utility personnel to retrieve reference material, schematics and other critical information quickly and easily.

The adoption rate of rugged tablets by utilities has increased as the cost to implement rugged technologies has become more affordable. Process improvements such as managing and mapping field assets more effectively, improving the accuracy of data collected, automating work orders, decreasing reliance on paper forms and binders all lead to a lower total cost of ownership.

For electric utilities, high-accuracy rugged tablet computers with full PC functionality and performance in harsh environments have become an indispensable and now permanent part of the industry landscapes.


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