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Fueling Jets with Windows 7 Rugged Tablet PCs

From GottaBeMobile: Taughannock Aviation’s using rugged tablets and custom software to make its operations more efficient. It is a good example of an organization reaping the rewards of implanting tablets in the workplace.

The company is responsible for fueling more than 6,000 aircraft per year at the Ithaca-Timpkins Regional Airport. Besides pumping 1.4 million gallons of fuel from its trucks and into customers’ aircraft, Taughannock Aviation provides a number of other services, such as aircraft charters, maintenance and repair.

rugged tablet pc aviationTaughannock Aviation selected MobileDemand xTablet T7000 Tablet PCs for the task. We spoke with Erik Balcome of Taughannock Aviation about how his team is using rugged Tablet PCs. He said the company saves more than an hour a day thanks to the tables and reports are more accurate.

“What the tablets have done is allow us to achieve efficiency through electronic data collection of fueling activity on the field,” Balcome said. “It turns that data into information that we use for managing fuels, monitoring activity, reporting to our customers and furnishing reports to whomever may need them.”

While the user interface appears pretty simply, it makes the business more efficient in a number of ways. Fuel operations are logged on the tablet and later relayed to Taughannock Aviation’s office. Retail customers that receive on-demand services can confirm the data and pay for their fuel in the office. Invoices can be printed and handed over to crew members on the tarmac thanks to the Brother printer. The data is transferred into the company’s billing system so established customers, such as airlines, can retrieve it through a Web portal. Fuel balance sheets are continually updated.

That’s quite an improvement over Taughannock Aviation’s previous method of passing around carbon copies and transcribing information into their billing and inventory systems.

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