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Leveraging EDI: The Keys to Success

Retail is a highly competitive industry. Your merchandise is on the move, hopefully flowing smoothly, and your personnel aren’t always stationary, either. You need technology that enables you to keep up and keep track, throughout your supply chain, while assuring maximum, cost-effective performance.

rugged tablet pc for electronic data interchangeCombining electronic data interchange (EDI) with a tablet pc provides the perfect marriage of automation and human contribution.

EDI automates supply chain documentation, so you can communicate faster and more accurately with suppliers. You can cut costs and maintain the margins you need for profitability. At virtually every point along the line, a tablet pc adds flexibility and tech-smart computing capability, to help you get even more work done, faster, and more accurately.

Using mobile tablets, you can get the most from EDI. Here’s how:  

Turn purchase orders into a strategic tool.

EDI shows suppliers in real time what you need and when. You can place orders instantly. Or segment your purchase orders to help suppliers meet customized inner or case packing quantities, drop-ship or other requirements, whether ongoing or one-time needs.

Sharing sales or invoicing forecasts with suppliers helps them plan ahead and supports creating a vendor-managed inventory system. That’ll save you time and money.

Expedite deliveries.

Suppliers can transmit data that shows what’s been shipped, how, the number of cartons and their contents. Capturing this information on your tablet PC lets you adjust workflow and personnel scheduling on the fly, if needed.   

Eliminating manual data entry saves time and costly human error. Check-in processing is a breeze with a tablet pc, and you can instantly detect discrepancies. Your people won’t have to look up product codes, visually compare documents, manually check or re-check orders, invoices or packing slips. They can skip tracking down and correcting mistakes and – perhaps most importantly -- avoid disappointing customers due to missing merchandise.

Tighten financial control.

EDI lets you forecast better to reduce backorders, overstock or unwanted substitutions. Streamline payables and reduce outstanding or aging receivables. And lower purchase transaction costs.

Improve planning and management.

Using EDI and a tablet pc, everyone on your team from in-the-trenches personnel up to C-level executives can monitor activity from anywhere, any time. Finance managers can easily access invoicing and other data. IT managers can continuously monitor information system performance. Your logistics and warehouse crew can follow both planned and urgent deliveries.

Detailed, real-time monitoring allows more efficient project costing and more agile, better-informed decision-making. Using a tablet pc helps streamline reverse logistics processes to keep products flowing smoothly and predictably. That ensures top-notch customer service and satisfaction. And what’s more important than that?

Put your tablet pc to work to capture these other EDI benefits, too:

  • Make better staffing decisions and put your people to use in more skilled ways so they can be more productive.
  • Go paperless to save on paper, postage, storage.
  • Improve customer service while lowering costs.
  • Make the most of your point-of-sale system by ensuring merchandise flows consistently all the way to the sales floor and customer, not just into your warehouse or stock room.
  • Enhance and expand working relationships with suppliers all along your supply chain, which in turn helps strengthen everyone’s bottom line. Including yours.

Whether your retail business has just one or multiple locations, is a traditional store-front or multi-channel enterprise, incorporating a tablet pc at every strategic point will let you put EDI to best use throughout your operation, to build a more profitable future.


How are your people using a tablet computer for EDI interface?

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