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The Value of Tablet PCs in Providing Utility Service Excellence

Rugged tablet PCs are often described as “indispensable” for utilities, and for good reason. Nowhere is a rugged tablet more useful or more at home. Whether you’re responsible for water, electric, gas or phone service or your company provides utility support, your operations are mobile by nature.

And your customers are among the most demanding, expecting 24/7 attention delivered at low rates. Even in the face of emergencies the size of natural disasters, you need equipment that’s ready to work whenever and wherever you are. Equipment that won’t let you down.

When everyone’s relying on you, a rugged tablet PC is your most reliable working partner.

rugged tablet pc utilitiesAcross-the-board value.

Packed with the latest technology yet tough enough to meet military standards, rugged tablets can literally help improve every aspect of your business. You can:

  • Improve customer service with faster response and increased on-time arrivals.
  • Automate work orders.
  • Efficiently schedule work and personnel.  
  • Increase data accuracy by reducing human error.
  • Manage and track field assets.
  • Make better use of resources, in the field or in the plant, and focus skilled personnel on the most productive activities.
  • Measure performance of individuals, teams, vehicles, service criteria or other benchmarks.
  • Control and predict costs.

Using a rugged tablet PC ensures continuous two-way communication to or from the field. Work crews have information such as reference materials or schematics right at their fingertips, anywhere, any time. They can easily capture data, to collect payments, verify signatures, read and write service tickets, etc.

Managers and executives can easily access information 24/7, to stay abreast of current activities or gather and analyze data for decision-making and long-term planning.

Rugged is the operative word.

Any mobile computing device that doesn’t work when you need it -- is worthless. A genuinely rugged tablet can withstand harsh use in the worst working conditions,  indoors or out. It’s not troubled by water, dirt, mud, extreme temperatures, vibration or being dropped onto concrete or rocks. It just keeps working, round-the-clock if necessary.

A rugged tablet PC may be compact, but it provides the functionality of full-force computing and a screen big enough to actually read documents, schematics or maps and clearly see pictures. In any light, whether you’re working underground or in bright sunlight.

With top-of-the-line wireless capability, a rugged tablet is totally portable and keeps workers connected -- anytime, anywhere.

Watch this video to see just how rugged a tablet PC can be!

Across-the-board savings.

A rugged tablet PC can be cost-effective even for the most budget-conscious. Innovative and versatile rugged tablets offer a lower cost of ownership. Savings like these can contribute nicely to your bottom line:

  • Increase productivity.
  • Reduce travel time with location mapping and by eliminating back-and-forth trips to pick up work orders, delivery customer paperwork, etc.
  • Work is done and documented in real time. There’s no need to call in and ask for information or next assignment or perform lengthly end-of-day settlement.
  • Reduce mistakes.
  • Eliminate misunderstandings and risk of lag-time problems such as cutting off service to someone who just stopped by the office to pay.
  • Reduce your need for reference books by going paperless. You’ll save on paper, save space and staff time to prepare and update materials.

You can direct savings toward important capital or operations needs. Or help keep user rates down. Whether you’re public, private or a cooperative utility, rugged tablet PCs can be your smartest investment to ensure service excellence for all your customers and stakeholders.

What’s your favorite “you won’t believe this” story about using rugged tablets on the job?


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