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Ensure a Smooth Transition to Outsourcing Logistics with Tablet PC

Last-mile deliveries often require different logistical needs than getting your products out of the warehouse and on the road. That last leg of your delivery journey can also be expensive, but it’s frequently a key factor in building customer relationships. Outsourcing last-mile deliveries might be the answer, but will you lose control?

rugged tablet pc transportation logisticsA rugged tablet PC can tie it all together, providing a technology link that smoothes the transition if you’re moving to outsourcing logistics. With a rugged tablet PC in hand, you can easily maintain ongoing communication with your third-party provider, too. You’re never out of the loop or feeling out of control.

A rugged tablet PC enables you to take full advantage of outsourcing.

Tablets are entirely mobile. You may already be using them to manage internal logistics and streamline sales and marketing efforts. It’s no different when you transition to using a third-party delivery provider.

Choose partners that relies on a rugged tablet PC to manage their own delivery process and you’ll know they're operating at the top of their game. Their on-board computing capability, including barcode scanners or RFID readers, allows them to:

  • Improve routing efficiencies.
  • Access customer information to call ahead and confirm delivery.
  • Access product documentation.
  • Capture and store data, photos and signatures.
  • Send or even print receipts.
  • Help manage inventory, even reverse logistics, if necessary.
  • Use secure wireless to communicate instantly with drivers and stay in touch with you.

Rugged tablets are mobile by nature, designed specifically to support a delivery environment. They’re on the job -- anywhere, any time, even under difficult conditions – and that keeps you and your outsourcing providers reliably on the job, too.

Using a rugged tablet PC can make your last-mile delivery process more efficient and cost-effective. You’ll be more productive, too, refocusing your time and energy on core responsibilities rather than managing delivery schedules, drivers and trucks.

So how do you choose the right provider?

The right outsourcing partner will help you reduce frustration, save time, and save significant money. But above all you want peace of mind, knowing your deliveries are being made on time, in perfect condition, by professional-level drivers who positively represent your company.

Look for a third-party provider that emphasizes:

  • A reputation for professionalism.
  • Accountability for on-time delivery and safe handling.
  • Proper handling is important every time, vital for specialty products that are large or heavy or breakable. If that describes your merchandise, choose a partner that specializes in your type of products and delivery locations such as residential or commercial, job sites, etc.
  • Uniformed drivers with top-notch customer service skills.
  • Ability to deliver on your schedule, even evenings and weekends, and adapt to volume fluctuations. A rugged tablet PC makes it easy to take changes in stride.

Consider these factors:

  • Where do you deliver? A local service can handle a concentrated area, but if deliveries are spread out geographically you’ll want a regional or national provider that serves all your markets.
  • The advantages of real-time technology. An outsourced provider may be a step ahead of you in this regard, using rugged tablet PCs to enhance customer interactions in ways you couldn’t without significant additional fleet-wide expense. A rugged tablet is a cost-efficient investment that enables your team to stay entirely on top of things internally and always-connected to your outsourced team.

With a rugged tablet PC in hand, you can profit from the benefits of outsourcing logistics without losing control or that all-important customer touch. 

What's your experience been with outsourcing? Has mobile computing played a role? Share your story, here.


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