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Rugged Tablet PC Technology Gives Cable TV Providers an Edge

Today's cable television market has become ultra-competitive with providers always looking for the newest tools to enhance their position as well as the services they provide.  Customers have moved on from the expectations set by old-school cable providers such as long, untimely installations and unpredictable performance.  By implementing the technology provided by ruggedized tablet PC systems cable TV providers have found the means to not only increase the productivity of their workers in the field but also reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction. 

Rugged tablet pc cable provider field serviceRuggedized tablet PCs provide cable TV field personnel with a single computing platform capable of providing the mobility, power and flexibility that previous generations of laptops and other handheld devices could not achieve.  Optimization of screen size, application functionality and the ability to capture data and images are just some of the features that installers had long sought, which is where previous computing platforms fell short. 

By enabling installers and field technicians access to secure cloud-based data bases and job-specific information remotely, personnel have become more proficient in completing their jobs quickly while maintaining the quality of service required by a demanding customer base.  Additionally, the ability to capture job data and images in the field and report such information via secure wireless networks further enhances productivity.  All the while dispatchers can monitor progress and more effectively assign tasks to field techs, optimizing production and limiting travel time and unnecessary delays through the use of imbedded GPS technology.  All of this adds up to quicker and cleaner installs allowing field personnel to accomplish more in the work day.

There are numerous other benefits provided by ruggedized tablet PCs to cable tv providers. They include:

  • Improved management of assets and parts through GPS tracking and add-ons such as bar code readers.
  • Proof of service authentication through the use of image and screen capture
  • Environmental and weather adaptability for the extreme conditions installers face in the field
  • Mapping technology that enables quicker transit times

Cable TV providers seeking to increase productivity of installers can accomplish that and more through the use of ruggedized tablet PC technology.  By implementing the full array of features that these tablets offer cable companies can also reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction, leading the way to a better overall experience for both the company and the customer.

Cable television providers have gained an edge utilizing Rugged Tablet PC systems.


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