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Increase Retail Supply Chain Effectiveness with Rugged Tablet PCs

If you’re managing a retail store or you’re responsible for a particular brand’s retail sales, you need every advantage you can find to remain competitive and increase your market share. You need to do everything right, especially at the shelf or on the selling floor, in order to increase brand loyalty with happier customers and better store relationships.

rugged tablet pc retail You want to grow your market share to generate stronger profitability. But you have to be nimble and responsive. No wonder more and more retail operations and brands are turning to rugged tablet PC systems to help them manage their in-store effectiveness.

The food and beverage industry has been using mobile devices for years, but now retailers across the board are discovering the broad-scale benefits. Using rugged tablet PC systems can improve effectiveness at the point of sale for virtually any brand or product type, instantly making the right impression with shoppers and instantly connecting field and front-line personnel with back-end office, suppliers, etc.

A rugged tablet PC is the tool of your dreams.

It’s the definition of mobile -- smart, small, spiffy. It’s powerful and fast, and it’s the toughest member of the team. Rugged tablets incorporate the latest mobile technology and applications as well as integrated features that specifically support the work of field representatives and merchandisers or on-floor salespeople.

Use rugged tablets to:

  • Capture and retrieve customer-specific information.
  • Check to ensure your promotions are executed as planned.
  • Check your own pricing accuracy and monitor competitor pricing.
  • Track deliveries.
  • See if store managers are following standards or protocols.
  • Complete sales transactions.

Rugged tablets make your team more efficient and effective.

Mobile devices empower field and sales floor personnel and expand their role in gathering intelligence and making related decisions. Secure wireless allows confidential communication with management, so they can request and get help right away, if needed.

Your people can work together as a cohesive team, yet on-the-fly, with more intelligent decision-making and quick follow-up action. You can avert potential disasters such as out-of-stock with the flexibility to quickly adjust supply to match demand. And you can respond quickly to changing market conditions or competitor actions.

Tablet PCs simply enable people to be more productive, putting more information literally at their fingertips to serve customers or follow up on problems or opportunities.

Customers love rugged tablets.

Mobile devices are au courant. They help customers complete their shopping experience more easily and faster. That translates into better customer service, at a time when consumer expectations are higher than ever. There’s a fine line between loyalty and losing a customer altogether, and tablet PCs can keep you on the right side of that line.

Timeliness is crucial, and a rugged tablet PC is designed to enhance execution and follow-up. You can expect a quick return, making your investment in tablets even more attractive. Add to that the lifetime value of each customer’s loyalty and your payoff can be even bigger.


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