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Technology That Can Transform Your DSD Operations

Direct store delivery (DSD) has taken on new life, with an expanded sales and marketing role that supports better logistical integration and improves both customer and consumer satisfaction. You can be part of this profitable transformation, by supplying DSD drivers with rugged tablet PCs.

This is exactly the type of working environment where a rugged tablet PC thrives -- fast-paced, multi-task, multiple personnel in multiple locations. Armed with the tremendous computing and communication capabilities of a rugged tablet, DSD drivers can now participate in more ways to enhance customer interaction and public perception.

No longer is DSD your final-but-weakest link.

rugged tablet pc retail customer service supply chain mobilityCustomer-centric is your bottom line.

Without satisfied customers, there would be no bottom line. Your retailer customers, consumer packaged goods trading partners and the buying public all benefit when DSD drivers have a rugged tablet at hand, because better-equipped drivers enable better in-store collaboration and product performance.

Shoppers themselves are relying more on mobile devices in their business and personal lives. Seeing DSD drivers using a rugged tablet PC personalizes the shopping experience, something consumers say influences their decision to shop in-store versus online. And that positive brand perception reflects well on the retailer, too.

Using a rugged tablet can significantly reduce loss of perishables, especially food and beverage items shoppers see as staples. That’s doubly important, because where people choose to buy depends largely on reliable freshness. Retailers who consistently offer fresh food can develop and sustain stronger shopper loyalty.

It’s in everyone’s best interest to provide the best at-shelf shopping experience possible.

A rugged tablet PC is the right tool.

It’s capable, tough and entirely mobile yet still hand-held convenient. It’s the one tool that DSD drivers and everyone else along the line can use, and everyone benefits.

Rugged tablets provide:

  • Fast, robust processing.
  • Larger screens with higher resolution and easy readability in any light conditions.
  • Longer battery life.
  • Advanced integrated options.
  • Web-based integration to assure always-accurate invoicing.
  • Secure wireless communication.
  • Barcode scanning capability.
  • Scalability to grow as your needs grow.

Drivers can do more to capitalize on in-store merchandising opportunities, improve stock rotation, cut losses, increase sales, and generally make product choice easier for consumers. Greater efficiencies enable you to reduce costs yet maintain a consistently high-quality in-store presence.

You can even use the tablet's data gathering capability to monitor relevant key performance indicators and make further improvements in your DSD process.

The team is finally working together smoothly, as one.

Powerful mobile technology and applications facilitate a cohesive, coordinated approach that streamlines your DSD process. Communication is two-way, simple, seamless, so drivers, sales reps, in-store merchandisers and field managers can work together more easily.

DSD drivers can discover and correct problems in the field or respond quickly to counter potentially harmful competitor activity, protecting sales and shelf share. They’ll use their rugged tablet to:

  • Monitor on-shelf inventory.
  • Support in-store promotions, POS displays and new product launch activities.
  • Protect or increase share-of-shelf
  • Monitor competitor activity and pricing.
  • Conduct consumer intercept surveys.

Drivers can capture and also look up information, using bar code scanners or RFID readers. The more you know and understand about your customers, the more you can target strategic planning and tactical implementation to make the final piece of your supply chain far more customer-centric.

Fully-integrated drivers are a far more useful – and valuable -- part of your sales and marketing program. A rugged tablet PC promotes smoother working relationships among your people and with store personnel, creating efficiencies and synergy that benefit your operation, customers and shoppers. Everyone’s a winner when you make rugged tablet PCs part of the team.

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Have you deployed tablet PCs for your DSD operation? How has it improved your DSD process? Share your comments here.


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