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Wireless Tablet PC Communication Enhances Protection of Soldiers in the Field

Military agencies are increasingly turning to advanced wireless communications and mobile computing devices, such as the rugged tablet PC, to afford increased levels of security and safety to our soldiers in the field as well as the facilities and vehicles they rely upon.  By employing advanced technologies within combat troops, operation and communication centers, logistics centers and throughout the supply chain, our military can effectively leverage wireless communication. 

rugged tablet pc military governmentSituational Awareness

The ability to provide secure wireless communication of voice, data and video transmissions to forward operating troops, through the use of rugged tablets, has enhanced our soldiers protection by providing real-time situational information to a higher degree than previously afforded to them.  By making reconnaissance information and other intelligence data available to them in real-time, soldiers can anticipate potentially dangerous environments and encounters before they become real threats to their safety.  Video capture add-ons can also enhance situational awareness by enabling our troops to gather, analyze and securely share images in the field. 

Incident Management

The ability to gather information and analyze it in real-time is a key component of military security and combat capabilities.  Secure broadband networks are the backbone of these activities and rugged tablet PCs are the tools that make them work effectively for our soldiers operating in hostile areas or harsh environments.  The capacity to securely share voice, data, and video between troops or with command centers enables military personnel to effectively manage incidents of any kind through the  collaboration with multiple devices throughout the network, allowing them to gather intelligence, coordinate rapid responses and effectively manage potential threats.

Supply Chain and Logistics Management

Military agencies have begun to use wireless communications to improve asset management, tracking through direct part marking (dpm) solutions.  These solutions include laser etching, chemical etching, and dot peen marking.  By implementing rugged tablet PC add-ons or integrated accesssories like bar code readers and image capture devices military personnel are now empowered with durable readability for parts and vehicle components that are exposed to harsh operating conditions, reducing the risk of failure in the field when our troops need them most.  Supply chain management has also benefited from rugged tablet portability and computing by implementing radio frequency identification (RFID) tags and associated reading devices.

DPM and RFID information, once captured, can be transmitted via secure wireless networks throughout operating centers and forwarded to bases to ensure proper supply and management of parts and vehicles, further enhancing the protection of soldiers in the field.

The security and safety of military personnel are enhanced through mobile computing technologies available utilizing Rugged Tablet PC systems.  Learn more about the military benefits of mobile tablet PCs. Read Military and Public Safety Applications for Rugged Tablet PCs.



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