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Are Rugged Computers Right for your Police Department?

A police department is no place for half-way measures or weak-kneed communications equipment. As first responders, your people need complete, right-now access to as much information as possible, especially since the timeliness and accuracy of that information can determine the outcome of unpredictable situations.

tablet pc law enforcement police public sectorA rugged tablet PC puts more resources directly into the hands of law enforcement personnel when and where they need it. It’s a highly effective tool for motorcycles as well as patrol cars, SWAT teams and investigators.

A rugged tablet computer is purely practical. And it has superior survival skills.

It brings together top-of-the-line technology and functional features that provide the power, durability and portability to support police work in ways no other piece of equipment can. It’s very lightweight and small enough for hand-held use, yet with a screen that’s large enough to easily read and visible in any light.

Smart ergonomic design makes input easy, even with gloved hands. You can get one-handed or two-handed devices, because sometimes it’s essential to have one hand free. Rugged tablets specially designed for law enforcement provide:

  • A robust, familiar operating system.
  • Secure wifi and WWAN.
  • Military-grade resistance to shock or dropping, extreme temperatures, water and dust.
  • Hand-held, stationery or vehicle-mounted grab-and-go options.
  • Numeric keypad and optional keyboard.
  • Barcode and credit card readers, optional RFID and GPS.
  • Powerful, long-life batteries to stay on the job. Some police departments have installed vehicle-mounted chargers that keep tablets running smoothly round the clock.
  • Expansion and customization options.

Toughness isn’t an option in this environment where timeliness and accuracy can literally affect life and death. A rugged tablet computer was born to be banged around and stand up to working outdoors -- police officers work everywhere there are people and that means every possible physical condition.

And in an environment where paperwork can pile up fast but the information has to be complete and correct, a rugged tablet streamlines data gathering yet eliminates redundant data entry. Far greater efficiency, far fewer errors. Officers in the field can retrieve data instantly, without the delay of going through dispatch. That makes routine work more efficient and improves safety and effectiveness when situations are fast-changing and potentially dangerous.

Police departments across the country are using a rugged tablet computer for:

  • Traffic stops.
  • Accident and crime scene investigation.
  • General patrol.
  • Car-to-car and officer-to-dispatch communication.SWAT or other ultra-emergency situations.
  • Field command centers, to support situation analysis and on-the-fly decision-making.
  • Security, crowd and access control.

With a rugged tablet, officers can:

  • Take photos of people and evidence.
  • Capture signatures.
  • Directly access records and mug shots, lineups, crime scene photos and reports from any local, regional or federal database.
  • Conduct field interviews.
  • Conduct driver and vehicle license checks, scanning the barcode on a driver’s license or even the VIN on newer cars.
  • Obtain wants and warrants for background checks.

A rugged tablet computer can help streamline the officework side of your department, too. You can use it for personnel tracking and scheduling, including computer-aided dispatch, asset tracking of equipment and vehicles and overall fleet management.

On top of everything else, a rugged tablet computer is cost-effective. With a fully integrated system, you won’t have to purchase additional software or waste resources co-managing separate mobile and desktop systems. Your entire police department can function more quickly, more effectively and more safely.  


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