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Streamline Government Activity with Rugged Tablet PC

We’re seeing an exponential increase in government use of mobile and wireless technologies to streamline processes. Tablets in particular help employees and managers accomplish more, and tablets specially engineered for rugged use can work anywhere, extending their usefulness and cost-effectiveness.

government army tablet pc military marines navy coast guardAs in the private sector, a rugged tablet PC is becoming the preferred tool, thanks to its versatility and ability to stand up to the rigors of any working environment, from office to military battlefield. All the benefits that make these technologies popular with private enterprise apply to government -- streamlined workflow and improved accuracy enable faster response and greater efficiency that please cost-conscious budget managers.

A rugged tablet PC is sturdy, powerful and reliable, a multi-faceted tool perfectly suited to virtually any government need. It can handle:

  • Mobile computing.
  • Automated data collection using touchscreens or pens, barcode scanning and label printing, RFID for reading or rewriting out-of-sight tags, even speech recognition.
  • Wireless communication for instant transmission of data to or from a central database as well as voice conversations among personnel.
  • GPS.
  • GIS.
  • 24/7 data access, from anywhere.
  • Security to match even the most sensitive government entity’s needs, including Federal Information Processing Standard FIPS 140, the fed’s wireless implementation requirement

Government entities are saving time, increasing productivity and enjoying a substantial reduction in paper, using a rugged tablet PC for:

Gathering data.

A rugged tablet PC replaces paperwork with real-time information-sharing. Workers can capture and immediately upload data and signatures for inspections, surveys or tests, citations. Field crews can remotely access dispatch information and any on-the-fly changes to information or schedules as well as resources needed to conduct their work.

Personnel can work more accurately and far faster, without time-wasters like redundant data entry and filing. And access to maps and driving directions allows route optimization, increasing productivity and saving money on fuel and fleet upkeep.

Managing records.

A rugged tablet PC facilitates document storage and retrieval in offices, at remote locations and in document storage warehouses. It’s being used to access licenses and permits, forms and applications, tax records, inspection reports and so on.

Controlling inventory and assets.

Asset tracking puts inspection records, audit data, maintenance histories, etc. at everyone’s fingertips. Instant inventory tracking eliminates over-stock while improving availability of needed items. Crews can use their rugged tablet PC to find and check out equipment, supplies, vehicles.

RFID has proven especially valuable for rapidly and reliably tracking expensive and time-sensitive inventory and assets even when packed into shipping containers

Security and emergency management.

A rugged tablet PC supports instant secure identification at facilities and border crossings. It can describe locations for emergency responders and help quickly identify victims and share medical information, literally saving lives.

Any public sector organization regardless of size or scope can benefit from adopting a rugged tablet PC. And the savings can be dramatic. For example, Arizona’s Maricopa County reports it can now offer more services to more residents without increasing staff, thanks to efficiencies generated by rugged tablets. And the US Navy has saved millions of dollars and reduced parts tracking and inventory time from a full day to a half-hour using rugged tablets for inventory tracking.

But even saving just a few minutes with each activity or transaction can mount up rapidly, resulting in tremendous time and labor savings. And improvements in accuracy and productivity, while harder to quantify, are undeniable. With a rugged tablet PC on the job, government at all levels is attaining unprecedented efficiencies.


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