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Is Tablet PC with Equipment Fleet Management Solution Right for You?

A rugged tablet PC is at its best not only in harsh environments but in locations where assets, inventory and people are widely spread out; Places like airports and military bases. If you’re responsible for Air-Ground Equipment (AGE) and Ground Support Equipment (GSE) fleets, an equipment fleet management solution that includes rugged tablets could give your operation better visibility, productivity and profitability.

There’s no way equipment managers or dispatchers can keep an eye on every vehicle and what it’s doing. Or not doing, if it’s unavailable. You track your fleet as best you can, but in order to ensure you have enough AGE/GSE equipment on hand, you wind up purchasing and maintaining more than you really need. That’s a major investment with less-then-desirable ROI.

But what constitutes “enough” equipment? What if you could, in fact, see all your AGE/GSE assets, and know their availability, right now?  

An equipment fleet management system (EFM) lets you do just that.

rugged tablet pc equipment fleet managementEFM can optimize your fleet usage in every way, and it can deliver a range of other valuable side-benefits. Used in conjunction with a rugged tablet PC, EFM gives you the detailed, real-time visibility you need to effectively manage your resources, both drivers and vehicles.

Automating your system eliminates paperwork that wastes time and invites mistakes like under-billing. Using a rugged tablet PC can eliminate radio communication, a delay-prone process that interrupts multiple individuals, further reducing productivity – a domino effect of cascading inefficiency.

Using EFM with rugged tablets lets you:

  • Instantly capture data and upload it, to continuously track equipment movements. Everyone who’s authorized has access to all the information they need, all the time. Knowing the exact location and status of each asset facilitates more efficient deployment, saving fuel as well as time.
  • Monitor driver and equipment authorizations and use geofencing to visually identify restricted zones. Tighter access control ensures greater security and safety for both personnel and equipment. With an EFM, drivers can use a Safety Checklist every time they start a vehicle to quickly identify potential problems.
  • Consistently predict and schedule maintenance, by regularly recording engine hours. Streamlined, regular maintenance keeps equipment in top condition with fewer repairs and less labor, extending fleet life and reducing overall maintenance costs.  
  • Enhance driver scheduling and assignment-matching, by incorporating data about their personal capabilities and authorizations into the system.
  • Make better-informed decisions for forecasting and long-term planning.

A rugged tablet PC completes the information loop.

Your system cannot function without reliable, instant mobile computing and communications. Airports and military bases can be some of the worst places on earth when it comes to heat and cold, dust and humidity, not to mention the inevitable drops and shocks a tablet might encounter during its work day.

Those days are usually long, so every device needs long-lasting but powerful batteries. A screen large enough for digital mapping, readable in any light. And easy operation with gloved hands. A rugged tablet PC supplies the full range of durability, computing power and communications access for voice and data necessary to interface smoothly and dependably with your EFM system. It’s at home in the office, in vehicles, in your hand.

The right solution is the one that gives you the most complete visibility into all aspects of your AGE/GSE operation. Rugged tablets can literally be your eyes and ears. Using them to support an electronic fleet management system can significantly improve your entire operation and reduce to ensure stronger profitability. 


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