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RuggedPCReview.com Review of the MobileDemand xTablet T1200

The following is an excerpt from Rugged PC Review's full review of the new xTablet T1200 rugged tablet PC:

Windows 8 was officially launched on October 26, and by the next Monday, October 29th, MobileDemand of Hiawatha, Iowa, already unveiled what the company calls the world's first Windows 8 fully rugged Tablet PC. The new xTablet T1200 carries on MobileDemand's tradition of offering super-tough tablet computers for use in harsh environments such as utilities, mining, oil and gas exploration, construction, inspections, maintenance and repair, warehousing, transportation/distribution, military, police, fire, public safety, rail and intermodal.

xtablet t1200 rugged tablet pc windows 8But the xTablet T1200 is not just another new rugged tablet. It combines the kind of advanced state-of-the-art hardware and software technologies that usually takes time to make it into vertical/industrial market products:

Intel 3rd generation Core processor: The xTablet T1200 is built around a Core i5-3427U "Ivy Bridge" processor running at 1.8GHz (and up to 2.8GHz with Intel TurboBoost) and offers a superior combination of performance and power efficiency. Graphics performance is much higher, and the chip's power conservation measures mean cooler running and longer battery life.

Windows 8: The xTablet T1200 is available with Windows 8. Though it has just come out, Microsoft's latest OS promises to be a boon for tablet computers, providing both a touch-optimized user interface as well as full access to all Windows legacy software and operating modes.

Resistive multi-touch: The new "Metro" interface of Windows 8 works best with multi-touch, but the projected capacitive touch technology used in consumer media tablets does not work with gloves or in the rain. MobileDemand uses resistive multi-touch in the xTablet T1200, which means the device can be used in any operating condition. And legacy applications with small user interface elements (check boxes, scrollers, etc.) can be precisely operated with a stylus.

AFFS+ display: AFFS (advanced fringe field switching) offers superior viewing performance and a color gamut with high luminosity and perfect viewing angles. AFFS+, a Hydis technology, is simply the best.

Battery power: The xTablet T1200 can accommodate two 6-cell batteries for a combined 116 watt-hours. That is more than any full-size rugged notebook we've had in our labs. Combined with the power efficiency of the 3rd gen processor and the relatively small display, the ten hours of operating time MobileDemand promises should be easily achievable.

The xTablet T1200 platform

The xTablet T1200 is an entirely new platform for MobileDemand. The picture below shows an accurate size comparison between the new xTablet T1200 with its 10.4-inch display, the outgoing T8700 (middle) with an 8.4-inch screen, and the recently updated T7200 (right) that has a wide-format 7-inch screen. It's obvious that with the addition of the xTablet T1200, MobileDemand can offer customers a much more clearly defined choice in tablet size and performance.

To read the full review of the xTablet T1200 rugged tablet PC, visit RuggedPCReview.com.




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