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Why In-Transit Visibility is Important to Your Operations

The US Department of Defense calls it In-transit visibility, or ITV. It’s the composite of your ability to monitor inventory and shipments from start to finish, knowing exactly where everything is at any given time. Although tracking these details can be critical for business management as well as operational efficiency, many private and public entities are discovering there’s a lot they don’t know about their ITV.

Savvy organizations are gaining both visibility and control, using mobile and wireless technologies and a handy rugged tablet PC throughout their operations. They’re increasing productivity and reducing costs by streamlining processes, and they’re uncovering new opportunities to expand existing revenue sources and create new revenue streams. All because they have clear visibility.


Navigation and routing

rugged tablet pc transportation logistics in-transit visibilityA rugged tablet PC goes anywhere, including alongside drivers. With the right software applications and GPS mapping, tablets can provide real-time navigation and routing support that enables drivers to complete their assignments with maximum time and fuel efficiency. Drivers are safer, too, because they can concentrate on their deliveries rather than looking up directions or checking routing changes, which distract their attention from the road.

Continuous monitoring of driver and vehicle whereabouts allows optimum routing and scheduling. With that information at your fingertips, you can comfortably offer additional revenue-generating services such as customized pick-up and delivery timing.

Tracking and tracing of inventory, shipments and assets

A rugged tablet PC provides handheld communication with your central database for real-time data capture and information retrieval. That includes barcode or RFID scanning, for fully detailed tracking and In-Transit Visibility. As a result, you can greatly reduce the possibility of errors while remaining poised for fast response if routing changes become necessary.

Warehouse personnel can quickly confirm inventories of individual items or those packed inside cartons, stacked on pallets or stored in shipping containers on the dock. Customer service drivers can capture signatures and images to confirm time, date, location and condition of deliveries.

Comprehensive tracking of trucks and other company vehicles allows you to refine logistical planning and timing, and enables maintenance crews to find and repair vehicles on the yard more quickly. Everyone gets more done, in less time.

Driver performance and productivity

A rugged tablet PC can track driver hours, too. Automated reporting assures timesheet accuracy and compliance with work-time limits, and it can identify areas where additional training will help drivers work more effectively. Tablets strengthen In-Transit Visibility by enabling managers and dispatchers to see where and when drivers may be available to take on additional assignments, and by supporting better matching of most-qualified drivers with specialized assignments.

Even very small incremental efficiencies can quickly add up to significant annualized savings. But every operation is unique, so In-Transit Visibility starts with a self-assessment, to identify your weakest points and most immediate needs as well as where competitors may be out-performing or upstaging you.

The right mobile equipment matters, too. So choose a rugged tablet PC that’s fully capable yet easy to operate, one that’s small and light enough to work comfortably in-hand as well as in a truck or on a forklift. And of course one that’s thoroughly ruggedized to handle real-life working environments like yours.

Putting a rugged tablet PC to work at all key points throughout your transportation operation will ensure you’re getting the comprehensive In-Transit Visibility you need to compete successfully and maintain profitability.


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