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Winsyde Review of the xTablet T1200 Windows 8 Rugged Tablet PC

Below is an excerpt from winsyde's recent review of the xTablet T1200 rugged tablet PC, the world's first rugged tablet running Microsoft Windows 8.

"Windows 8 provides new opportunities for developers and consumers with a modern UI, a Windows store and finally, a finger friendly interface that provides simple and intuitive navigation. Up for review in the Windsyde labs is the MobileDemand xTablet T1200 with Windows 8, a tablet that is designed to take a beating and not skip a beat.

winsyde rugged tablet pc reviewThis tablet is not your put on the couch and sip tea while watching golf during the afternoon, the T1200 is a rugged tablet that is designed for work and for those who need to put their objectives first and integrate technology second. We present to you, the ATV of tablets, the T1200.

The Specs:

The T1200 is no slouch when it comes to specs and really is a true tablet, not a low power wannabe tablet either. Inside you will find a Intel Core i5-3427U processor, 4G LTE WWAN radio, wo 6-cell 116 watt-hour hot swappable batteries last a full shift or longer – up to 10 hours, support for 64 GB to 256 GB and beyond mSATA solid state drive with an option to add a second high capacity hard disk drive, two USB 3.0 ports and an integrated RS-232 serial port, plus 4G LTE and Bluetooth 4.0 communications, Integrated bar code scanner and RFID reader, built-in numeric keypad, high resolution front facing and 5 MP rear facing camera, integrated GPS, PCMCIA, SDHC and smart card reader.

You can see the entire specifications here.

The Core i5 will provide plenty of horsepower to run the T1200 and with LTE available and multiple I/O ports, there is a lot to love in this rugged tablet. From an I/O arrangement, the T1200 hits all of the marks for a full-function tablet that places “getting your work done” at the top of its agenda.

The Good:

The T1200 is a tablet designed for a specific set of uses and if your needs include a durable, rugged, fully functional and feature packed tablet, meet your maker.

It’s clear that for the team at MobileDemand, this is not their first rodeo. The tablet is well though-out, has nearly every single port (even a scanner) that you could possibly need for your application and seeing as the tablet even has mounting holes on the backside, this takes the cake.

T1200 was built with a single design characteristic in mind, to survive the daily grind. In this situation, they nailed it, as the tablet is built like a tank. The tablet reminds us a lot of the Willies Jeeps from WWII, built to get the job done and after a hard days’ work, it will keep on ticking."

To read the product review in its entirety, visit the winsyde website.


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