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How to Increase Productivity, Revenue and Officer Safety with Tablet PC

All types of public safety entities, from highway patrol and police departments to campus security and parking authorities, are adopting the latest in mobile and wireless technology, bringing broad-scale benefits to budget-strapped operations. They couldn’t do it without using  tablet PC.

Tablet-size hand-held computers are the perfect tool to support all aspects of an electronic citation system, valuable new law enforcement software. Especially when the tablets are ruggedized.

Increased productivity refocuses officer attention on the things that count most.

rugged tablet pc law enforcement public safetyDoing things by hand is time-consuming, redundant and prone to errors. Automated information capture significantly reduces mistakes and entirely eliminates duplication of effort. Citation software provides built-in assistive features such as drop-down menus that streamline, and the right rugged tablet PC can even scan a driver’s license to record data even faster.

Less time spent on paperwork means more time spent on law enforcement priorities. Officers are available to write more citations. They can immediately upload the citation via wireless connection or plug their tablet into docking station back at the office. And they can avoid problems associated with paper-based citations, because ruggedized tablet PCs perform reliably in any weather conditions.

Small printers complete the process, enabling officers to generate copies right on-scene after using their tablet PC to electronically capture the violator’s signature. Printers can be vehicle-mounted or, even more efficient and effective, worn on a strap so the officer never has to return to the car during the process.  

Typically instituting an electronic citation system with tablet PCs cuts time spent per citation in half. It greatly reduces mistakes that can happen in the field and eliminates time-wasters like redundant transcription effort back at the desk. Saving time enables officers to concentrate on priority law enforcement tasks more efficiently and effectively.

Increased efficiency also generates more direct revenue.

More citations add up to correspondingly more revenue. Perhaps more importantly, though, collections are higher because using a tablet PC to generate citations ensures accuracy.

You can greatly increase your percentage of enforceable citations by avoiding dismissals based on illegible handwriting or vague carbon copies. A tablet PC eliminates the possibility of smearing from dampness of rain or snow or sweaty fingers in humid regions. A properly-outfitted tablet PC can stamp each citation with date, time and location, which further substantiates the citation’s validity.

A valuable side benefit is that the thermal paper commonly used with rugged printers is almost half the cost of multi-part forms needed for handwritten citations. And you won’t have recurring expense for ink or toner.

Increased officer safety is always goal number one.

One in eight officers accidentally killed in line of duty are stuck by vehicles, so the less time spent on the roadside writing a citation, the better. Simply the act of writing the citation can divert officer attention away from potentially dangerous violators, too.

With hand-held tablet PC, officers can easily read the screen. Some models are designed for one-hand use, assuring officers can stay alert to the violator and the physical surroundings, able to instantly respond to a problem should something occur. Accelerometers are another new innovation that can easily interface with a tablet PC to actually track officer movement. If the device detects nothing for pre-determined time period, it automatically sends an alert to headquarters with corresponding location data.

Increased productivity helps increase public safety as well as officer safety, because sworn officers can focus on their most important work rather than paperwork. Adopting in-the-field software such as a citation system in tandem with a tablet PC can save time, save money and generate additional revenue and save officer lives.


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