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Increase Warehouse Flexibility, Visibility with Tablet Computers

Handheld computers have forever changed the way businesses view “warehousing.” With new software solutions specifically designed for inventory management and the now-predominant use of a rugged tablet PC to perform daily work, everyone along your supply chain can have the inventory visibility they need to work faster and more accurately.  

A rugged tablet PC is far more than a convenience, it’s the backbone of mobile inventory management. It enables workers in the warehouse, on the sales floor or elsewhere, to see how much inventory is on hand and exactly where it is, in real time. People can take their tablet with them as they move around because it’s small and lightweight. They’re never at a loss for information and they don’t have to waste time trekking back and forth to their station or desk.  

warehouse inventory supply chain rugged tablet pc mobilityWith true inventory visibility and a rugged tablet PC, your remotely-located and field workers can gather and see customer information and purchasing patterns, which helps them do a better job of upselling or cross-selling. Stockers, merchandisers and sales reps can all see real-time details regarding inventory and shipping.

A more efficient warehouse.

Software applications are only valuable if they’re easy to access and use. Tablets are replacing desktops for warehouse and in-store operations, because they put applications where the work actually gets done – on the move. Warehouse personnel can instantly read inventory information, capture and upload it to a central database so it’s accessible immediately to anyone who needs it, wherever they are.

A rugged tablet PC has a high-resolution screen that's easy to read, even in poor light. Warehouse personnel can retrieve any information they need, including photos or maps showing merchandise or where it’s located. And a rugged tablet is appropriately constructed to perform reliably in the warehouse environment, where it could get dropped onto a concrete floor or otherwise banged around.

More efficient direct store delivery.

DSD is increasingly popular because it gives manufacturers complete control. You can use your own team and processes to deliver merchandise straight from their warehouse to stores, bypassing the traditional central distribution center.

With a rugged tablet PC on board, drivers can stay in touch wherever they are on their  route, to see current stock levels and receive information relative to displaying merchandise on a store-by-store basis. That’s especially valuable when display requirements can fluctuate significantly from location to location. Better, more timely information ensures displays are never low on stock or improperly stocked, important because aesthetics and availability both affect sales.

With mobile inventory management, your personnel can use their rugged tablet PC to work faster and improve accuracy of the inventory data they collect, orders and deliveries. They can make on-the-fly adjustments to inaccurate orders or deliveries. And tablets incorporate communications capabilities that enable anytime collaboration with co-workers or managers for daily updates or longer-term planning.

If you’re still considering the switch to mobile inventory management, note that there are several vendors to choose from. You’ll want to do your homework, but there’s no question investing in new solutions that expand the capabilities of your rugged tablets can substantially improve your inventory visibility and drive greater productivity from the warehouse to the store shelf.


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