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Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Tablet PC Deployment?

The value of mobile technology isn’t just that you can take it with you but that you can put it to work. You’ve probably invested in tablet PCs to streamline processes and boost productivity throughout your enterprise, especially in the field. Improvements are good. But are you sure you’re getting the most from each tablet PC?

Calculate the Total Cost of Ownership of rugged tablet PCs vs. non-rugged consumer devices.

rugged tablet pc field service transportationA fully-engaged rugged tablet PC will save time, money and headaches. And it can help generate additional revenue as well.

Ask yourself these questions to determine if you’re truly capitalizing on your tablet PC investment:

  • Are your technicians still doing paperwork? Automating work in the field eliminates redundant, time-wasting tasks back in the office, too. If field personnel are still filling out work orders or generating invoices by hand, that’s a problem.
  • Are you still purchasing pre-printed forms? Converting to electronic “paperwork” using a tablet PC should enable you to eliminate recurring expenses for supplies like this. Those savings can add up significantly over the year.
  • Are your inventory records correct for things such as service parts? If not, how often does this cause problems for your field crews? How long – and how many people – does it take to untangle these issues? Manual paperwork is not only cumbersome, it’s prone to mistakes, especially if administrative staff have to interpret sketchy handwriting or notes.
  • Do customers complain about billing problems? How long – and how many people – does it take to track down and resolve billing errors? And how much money are you losing because you had to give the customer a discount or future credit as an apology? Using a tablet PC to capture and record work-order details and related fulfillment notes vastly improves accuracy.

Armed with a mobile printer or tablet PC with integrated printing capability, field technicians can simply print an invoice on the spot and review it with the customer. And if the tablet PC is equipped with credit card processing capability, field technicians can even accept payment right on the spot. All that translates into satisfied customers and a far shorter billing cycle.

  • Can your dispatchers communicate instantly with field personnel to alert them to schedule or routing changes? Meeting last-minute customer demands or rearranging travel to avoid traffic congestion enhances productivity and builds customer appreciation.
  • If your field workers could average just one more job each day, how much would that add to your bottom line at the end of the year?
  • Do you ask customers what they think about your service? What do they say?

Adopting the right technology can certainly save money, speed work, increase accuracy and provide you with far more data about how – and how well – your operations are functioning. It can help assure compliance with SLAs. But profitability depends on getting the strongest possible return on your investment. Asking the right questions to evaluate your tablet PC deployment will help you understand where you’re doing well and where you can find additional opportunities.  


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