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Tablet PC with GPS Helps Improve Fleet Management

Anyone in the fleet management business understands better than most the meaning of “mobile.”  Thanks to mobile technologies such as GPS, transportation companies are able to keep track of their fleet and drivers. When GPS is combined with the versatility of a rugged tablet PC, even more can be done.

Traditionally it’s been difficult to adequately monitor performance or gather enough data to identify and implement potential productivity improvements. Using a GPS-enabled rugged tablet PC allows transportation providers to be proactive.

Learn how the PeopleNet TABLET helps trucking companies stay compliant, cut costs and improve productivity.

Monitor routes, vehicles, drivers.

rugged tablet pc transportation fleet managementEmployees can deliberately or unthinkingly use vehicles in ways that waste fuel and increase wear-and-tear, both of which drive up costs. But when a tablet PC is deployed in each vehicle, GPS and wireless connectivity can pinpoint a vehicle’s location in real time and also collect information about how the vehicle is being used.  

GPS makes it easy to find addresses and plot the most efficient route, so drivers don’t have to waste valuable time fussing with maps or circling around lost. Dispatchers can send schedules and directions with maps directly to each vehicle’s rugged tablet PC, so drivers don’t even have to “tag up” with the office before getting on the road at the beginning of each shift.

Dispatchers can immediately pass along “late breaking” information about traffic congestion or last-minute customer changes, enabling drivers to make on-the-fly route revisions that dodge problems and keep customers happy.  

Back at the office, managers can track vehicles, both individually and the entire fleet. And thanks to the rugged tablet PC in each vehicle, an array of information to support better day-to-day management as well as long-term decisions and planning can be captured and communicated. Routes can be evaluated for planning, so can vehicle and driver performance, including speed, idle time (both out of service and with the engine running), route deviations or stops that may or may not be authorized.

A rugged tablet PC easily supports all the applications that enable streamlining fleet management. But it can provide far greater benefits. Once drivers arrive at their destination, they can easily take their tablet PC in hand to capture needed customer and delivery data including signatures.

GPS enables time- and location-stamping, information to compile driver time sheets. That eliminates mistakes or tampering and ensures compliance with required break times, etc. and it puts compliance reporting data right at drivers and managers fingertips.

It also means vehicles can be tracked 24/7 to provide insights on vehicle usage and driver behavior. Are they being used at unauthorized times or in restricted locations? This also enables companies to know when vehicle maintenance needs to be scheduled and respond to break downs faster to reduce time out of service.  

A rugged tablet pulls it all together.

Using a rugged tablet PC and GPS eliminates human error and time wasted on manual data entry, looking up addresses on maps, etc. It can significantly reduce fuel and maintenance costs, increase productivity, improve driver safety records and perhaps even lower your insurance premiums. It enables better-informed decisions and boosts customer satisfaction by ensuring deliveries are always on time.

Better tools improve employee satisfaction, too. Tablets help drivers work more productively with less frustration. Considering how hard it can be to get well-qualified drivers these days, anything that can be done to support and keep them is a good investment.


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