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How to Deliver New Levels of Mobility Productivity: Part II

Mobile devices can link every aspect of your utility business. That makes the rugged tablet PC and similar equipment your people use every day your greatest asset when it comes to improving productivity and customer service. Imagine how much more you could accomplish if the elements of your enterprise were better-connected.

Learn how PeopleNet is helping deliver new levels of productivity to transportation companies.


rugged tablet pc operations productivityWhen your voice and data systems are fully-integrated, you get real-time networks that enable information to flow seamlessly to and from equipment and people working in the field and in the office. No delays. Greater accuracy. More time to spend on the things that matter most.

What exactly can you gain?

Complete connectivity automates substations, power grids, meter reading. It supports real-time wireless voice and data transmission and helps manage SCADA and enterprise networks. You get full visibility throughout your organization and service territory.

  • Automation eliminates time wasted on manual meter reading and data entry along with the risk of human error. That assures faster and more accurate billing and collection cycles and more accurate energy demand forecasting. It enhances Time of Use and other information you provide customers.
  • Wireless communication enables field workers to instantly retrieve documents, manuals, etc. to complete their assignment. Any authorized person can access the system any time, from their rugged tablet PC or other mobile device. They’re no longer tethered to their desk, their vehicle or any physical location. Mobility means workers can monitor systems even while out-and-about. And dispatchers can make on-the-fly changes to schedules or jobs.
  • Remote control of substations, etc. helps control access, strengthening security.
  • Real-time data capture alerts you immediately to outages, for faster restoration response.
  • Complete visibility enables you to effectively manage assets. You always know where your fleet, inventory and personnel are located and their status. That makes dispatching far more efficient -- saving time, fuel,  vehicle wear-and-tear, and better matching equipment and people to the task at hand.

Let’s see how greater connectivity is benefiting utilities:

  • Palmetto Electric Cooperative, serving about 60,000 homes, replaced their outdated radio system with an electronic system that ensures bandwidth and reliability to fully support their SCADA network and communications between the main office and substations. That eliminated walk-up meter readings, turning a week’s work into a few hours. They’re spending less on travel, thanks to increased mobility productivity.
  • Santee Cooper Power, serving 1.7 million residents, replaced their unreliable analog system with a private WAN that significantly improved coverage, capacity and reliability. The system proved its value in coordinating multiple electrical cooperatives during a series of ice storms that affected 300,000 customers.
  • Southern Company, a sizeable public utility in the southern US, “mobilized” their regional warehouse distribution centers, dramatically reducing order cycle time while increasing productivity, use of space and inventory accuracy.
  • Middle Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation, which serves several thousand customers, outgrew their communications system, upgrading to a private WAN that easily manages all their communications. This more powerful and reliable alternative is helping them expand customer service and strengthen field security for their employees without increasing costs.

A fully-integrated system takes full advantage of mobile devices such as rugged tablet PC to improve service levels, productivity and safety. It ensures a more reliable power supply while reducing operations and maintenance costs. Improved billing boosts cash flow and profitability. You have the data at hand to make better daily management decisions and more strategic long-term plans.

You can count on your system when communication is most critical.

When connectivity is complete, you have the knowledge and agility necessary to turn mobility into true productivity. What would that mean to you?


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