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Advantages of Tablet PCs in the Warehouse and on Forklifts

Vehicle-mounted computers, or VMCs, are being heralded as the wave of the future for warehouse operations. For many companies, the future is now. They’ve already adopted use of a rugged tablet PC to help forklift drivers and other warehouse personnel work more efficiently with fewer mistakes.

rugged tablet pc warehouse manufacturing forkliftRugged tablet PCs makes sense. They offer comprehensive “one-stop” computing and communications capability, in a device specifically designed and constructed to easily withstand the extreme rigors of warehouse environments. And they’re the ultimate mobile device because they offer both vehicle-mounted stability and grab-and-go handheld portability.  

But warehouse managers are looking to further streamline processes.

The complexities of today’s warehouse management require greater-than-ever agility. You need to provide more data directly to those working on the floor or driving your forklift trucks, and you need to collect more data from the warehouse. All in real time.

To accomplish this, warehouse managers see an increasing need to run a broader range of more sophisticated software applications. They see a need for even greater mobility -- without sacrificing real-time access to information. And they’re under more pressure than ever to reduce costs.

Implementing a single, full-scale operating system – typically Windows® -- can address all these goals. A more robust system supports more advanced data gathering and communications applications. Simplified networks cost less to administer. And streamlining processes increases productivity.  

Managers that choose to save money up front with non-industrial strength mobile computers oftentimes lament the high out-of-pocket costs required to repair and replace those device, especially given the substantial indirect costs associated with a loss of productivity due to downtime. They’re learned the hard way that not every tool is right for the job.

A rugged tablet PC is the vehicle-mounted computer that can make the future a reality.

It’s both smart and tough enough to keep your warehouse and back-office fully linked and running smoothly.

A rugged tablet has plenty of power to run a robust operating system such as Windows®. That means you can take full advantage of enterprise and industry-specific applications while remaining true to your budget. And a rugged tablet comes equipped with all the special features and accessories your warehouse work needs, such as a bar code or RFID scanner, color camera, wireless communication and docks and mounts that make it easy to secure the unit and easy to unmount the unit for inventory or pick and run applications.

And of course, you can always count on a rugged tablet PC to live up to its name. It’s engineered precisely for the kind of day-to-day activities typical of your warehouse and the kind of real-life drops, shocks and dirt sometimes associated with those activities.

Vehicle-mounted or in-hand, a rugged tablet PC stands ready to help take warehouse operations to the next level of efficiency and savings. 


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