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Valley Ag Software to Provide Tablet PC Solution to the Dairy Industry

New MobileDemand partner Valley Agricultural Software to showcase entire rugged tablet PC solution at the World Ag Expo on February 12-14, 2013

Hiawatha, Iowa – February 11, 2013. MobileDemand, a global provider of rugged tablet PC systems, and Valley Agricultural Software (VAS), the world’s largest provider of dairy management software, today announced the companies are working together to help dairy farms increase their operational efficiency.

MobileDemand xTablet rugged tablet PC systems enable farm operations to extend their dairy applications to mobile workers to access critical information and make not only better business decisions, but better decisions for the well-being of cattle. MobileDemand innovative rugged tablet PCs deliver high performance at a lower cost and enable greater efficiency and productivity in the field.

vas logo rugged tablet pc software agriculture dairyFeedWatch’s utilization of the xTablet T7200 tablet will continue to push Dairy technology into the future. The T7200 has allowed FeedWatch to expand their product line to include Digi-Star, Avery-Weightronix and GSE indicators as interfaced options. The High-Brite color touchscreen displays the graphic menu system allowing the operator to quickly and easily navigate the system. Utilizing the wireless communication, FeedWatch helps reduce feed waste and verifies feeding accuracy from anywhere on your facility.

Dairy COMP 305 is a herd management package that leads the industry with the perfect balance of user-friendliness and sophistication, and integrates technology from the parlor and tablet applications at cow-side. DairyCOMP 305 has matured into a solid package that is used to manage approximately 67% of the cows in the United States.

“MobileDemand xTablets are built to outlast demanding work environments such as that of the agriculture industry,” says VP of Sales and Marketing at MobileDemand, Bob Zink. “VAS has proven time and time again that they can significantly improve dairy farm operations with their software so there is no doubt that this partnership will be highly valued amongst dairy farmers.”

On February 12th through the 14th, VAS will be exhibiting at the 46th annual World Ag Expo in Tulare, CA, the premier agriculture show of the West. VAS has been an exhibitor at the Expo for over 25 years and this year their new booth will be located on Jersey Lane to the south of the large Farm Credit Pavilion (booths DS69, DS70, DS83 and DS84). Last year well over 100,000 visitors and 1,400 vendors attended the Expo. Stop in to the VAS booth and see how FeedWatch and MobileDemand can immediately start saving money for operations of any size.

About Valley Agricultural Software

VAS, founded in Tulare, CA in in 1981, is the world’s largest provider of farm management software and farm management solutions. The flagship programs for VAS are their DairyCOMP 305 and FeedWatch programs. VAS is the only major company whose sole focus is on farm management and its processes. The Support Specialists employed by VAS not only help solve the normal day-to-day questions for the managers of VAS products, they also challenge the users to do more with the products and services that they have already purchased. Over the past 30 years VAS has grown to be recognized as the company of choice when working with large animal operations.


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