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Video: MobileDemand Rugged Tablet PC at the Fire Department

Check out this video of a fire department utilizing the new MobileDemand xTablet T1200, the world's first rugged Windows 8 tablet PC!

MobileDemand rugged tablet PCs are designed to withstand the following applications and more:

Fire Investigation

■Arson, insurance investigations
■Evidence documentation
■Legal approvals and documentation (onsite authority)
■Photo evidence, cataloging
■Documenting measurements, meter readings, product data
■Downloading structure blueprints, electrical/mechanical schematics
■Evidence chain of custody tracking

EMS & Public Safety

■Multi-agency operations
■Hazardous materials
■Public safety threats
■Emergency response
■Border security
■Drug enforcementrugged tablet pc fire department
■Natural disaster response
■Accident and crime scene investigation
■Personnel tracking and deployment
■Security and crowd control
■Field interviews and situational analysis

Public Works Inspection

■Fire safety
■Building codes
■Health & human services
■Restaurant and food inspection
■Environmental protection
■Transportation infrastructure
■Energy and utilities



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